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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Short but Sweet

The last two days have been sunny and warm;  a welcome relief as its been mostly grey and dull here in the northern counties of England.  (Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook is aware of the fact that I'm in complete envy over the heatwave occurring in Nova Scotia, humidity be damned; you all have gorgeous beaches and lakes you could be accessing at some point.)

Dull and grey does not assist my mental state of health.  Of course I'm sure increased humidity with next to no reprieve wouldn't be beneficial either, however heading to the lake for an evening swim would soon rectify any negative emotion I was currently experiencing.  That or sitting naked in front of a fan with a glass of wine in hand.

However my original point was to say this: at the moment it's beautiful outside and my husband rang me a short while ago to ask if I'd like him to pick up some lunch for us.  I took him up on the offer and had a rare moment out in the sun with him in the middle of the work day.  We had to sit on the cement behind the building, but who cares?  No bench - so what? Let's live on the wildside for 20 minutes.  I was rejoicing in the fact that the sun was full on my face and my husband was beside me - a welcome distraction to what was going on inside the building (in other words - work).  It was a brief break, but it was one of those moments in life when you just pause and say thanks for the little things in life.

Lunch break is over now and I must leave you to get back to (ack) work... or at least of going through the motions.


Laraf123 said...

These quick pick-me-ups make the workday bearable--hope you get to enjoy more often!

dawn mclaughlin said...

Those little moments are the gems!