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Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm just me...

This week has been a long week, in terms of work especially.  I suppose I'm finding it difficult if for no other reason that I'm back to working five days a week when for the last six weeks or so I've only been working 3-4 days out of the five.  It could also be due to the fact that I have one week of work left until Andy and I go on our first holiday together in over a year.

I’ve fallen off the wagon again in terms of my healthy eating which fills me with frustration especially when I haven’t been to the gym since Sunday and I’m not likely to get back until this coming Sunday. I get frustrated because one week finds me doing so well gym-wise, and then the next I slack off. It wouldn’t bother me so much if I’d not eaten so much fattening food. There’s nothing stopping me from getting my lazy arse out of bed tomorrow morning before we head to Nottingham to celebrate Alex’s 18th birthday so I will see what the morning brings.

Speaking of fattening food, here’s a little something that might make you smile: Andy and I went out for supper last night where I made a silly mistake and called our server (who knows us from our frequent visits and happens to be Andy’s boss’s daughter) over to take a look at the hardness of my puff pastry. I demonstrated for her that that my fork wouldn’t go all the way through the raised sides. She giggled and said it was probably because of the dish beneath it; it was a deep dish and I stupidly didn’t realize it. My face was probably ten shades of red yet I laughed and asked her not to tell her dad what a moron Andy was married to. I could have sworn the last time I’d eaten this particular dish it had come on a flat plate. Oops. Nicky kindly said that it was the first time she’d smiled during her hectic shift and thanked me for the laugh. Like Andy says, it’s a good thing I have the ability to laugh at myself.

Now here is something that made me smile this week, despite the fact that it has also made me a little sad (here is why):

A few months ago I was out on the field with Molly and was surprised to see a Blue Merle Sheltie running around. Polar, our family dog back home was a Blue Merle and died last year. When the little sheltie got closer I was thrilled to see he had one blue eye, and one brown eye, just like Polar. It actually brought tears to my eyes, as Blue Merle’s are uncommon as it is, and to see one who so closely resembled our Polar was quite nostalgic. His owner and I started chatting and she seemed really interested when I told her about Polar. She was pleased with the fact I’d even known what kind of dog Flynn was. He was two years old, and a rescue dog and although he and Molly didn’t pay much attention to each other his owner and I would sometimes walk together. I kept saying I wanted to take his photo to show my sister and mom, yet never quite got round to it.

Last evening there was a knock on the door and it was Flynn’s mom. She had sought me out to inform me that whilst they were away on holiday, Flynn escaped from her step-daughter’s house and ran away. He was sadly found 3.5 hours later, dead on the train tracks. Both of our eyes welled up with tears as she was telling me this. I was amazed that this lady, whose name I didn’t even know until last night had taken the time to find out where the ‘Canadian lady who owns Molly lived’, just so she could tell me about the loss of her dog. Some people might find this strange but not me. I had been wondering where they were and when I was telling Beryl about it later on, Beryl said that I just have that kind of effect on people, that I touch their lives in a good way and that is why this woman wanted to seek me out. She knew I would care, as I most certainly did. It was a sweet thing for Beryl to say, and it made me feel proud.

If I don’t get recognized for anything else in this life, I will be grateful that people considered me a kind and caring person. Fame and fortune would be great, or even incredible intelligence however I’m more than satisfied to be thought of as someone people genuinely wanted to be around for no other reason than I am me.


dawn mclaughlin said...

You are a blessing to more people than you know :)

Fern Wimpley said...

Poor Flynn :(
Love you sister! xo

Laraf123 said...

A very touching post--I can tell from way over here that you are special person. Near and dear to those who spend time with you in person.

And, ok, the restaurant story? Hilarious!

JBrown31 said...

You are good people Jody... and Beryl is right, you touch lives in a positive way!