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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks for the laughter, Sophia Petrillo

Today is the day that my grandmother would have turned 100.   Although she isn't with us anymore I know that all of her girls and son will be thinking of their mom today.  I'm remembering Nan by thinking of the fun times we had together.  I only had her in my life until I was 23, but she played a very big role in my life.

Nanny had beautiful white hair and sparkly grey-blue eyes; she never left the house without a hat on and never once, in all of her 86 years wore a pair of trousers, ever.  She adored the Queen Mother and all things royal.  Nanny was a genuine lady.  But here is the funny part - Nan only had one tooth in the whole of her mouth.  It was her right 'canine' tooth.  The rest of the family could never figure out why a lady who was so concerned with looking proper in public didn't mind the fact that she didn't have a set of teeth. Some mysteries are meant to remain unsolved!

I would presume that it was because of her oral situation that Nan had a serious stomach problem.  She would often say  to me that she was all bound up.  I used to say 'No wonder Nan, you eat pork chops without any teeth!'.  I remember a few conversations where she was telling me that her tummy was bugging her because she hadn't had a BM in days and that she needed to express gas.  I once suggested with a smile that she should drink a beer, it was bound (no pun intended) to make her go.  Her response?  She cackled with laughter and said 'Oh Jody... what are you like?'  No way was this lady ever going to drink a beer.  Eat without teeth, yes but drink lager - not a chance.  You can't help but love a woman who sticks to her guns. 

I think the favourite memories I have of Nanny are when she was laughing.   She laughed whole-heartedly, and never more so on those Saturday nights when I baby-sat my cousins and she & I sat together on the couch and watched the Golden Girls.  Sophia used to make her howl with laughter and how I loved that sound.  I will carry those memories in my heart and smile to myself when I think back on those Saturday nights with Clara.


Laraf123 said...

She sounds like an incredible lady! What wonderful times you must have shared with her--your post is a beautiful tribute!

Tawny said...

I miss her so much.

Clara's eyes these days are a lovely blue-gray. How wonderful if they stay that way.

Anonymous said...

Sweet post, Jody. I remember visiting with your grandmother...no doubt after we had had a couple of lagers the night before...:).

It was so great catching up this week. I amm so glad you called. I wil give you a call next week.

Love, Cat

dawn mclaughlin said...

:) Laughter is a sound that definitley sticks with you years later, eh? You can almost hear it. xoxo