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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's only taken me eight years to get round to it...

Each year when Autumn arrives, I keep telling myself that I’m going to deck the house out in Autumnal theme, have a Thanksgiving Dinner, and of course plan a rocking Halloween Party. And it never happens.

This year, I made sure it did. Well most of it.

Last weekend I bought a few supplies and with a little extra help from a box of supplies left in my shed by my pal who relocated back to Canada, we decorated. (Thanks CA ;). I cooked a turkey and all the fixin’s for Andy’s parents, his brother and his family and two of our kids. (I wish I’d taken a photo of the table setting because it looked pretty awesome. Andy and I make a great team, we really do.) The parsnip and ginger soup topped with bacon bits was a great starter and Andy’s mum brought the dessert. It was so cute listening to my 2 year old nephew refer to Andy’s dad as Grandad Dog (my in-laws have a heap of small dogs in their house at any given time).

I’m a little dismayed that we aren’t going to be having a Halloween Party this year (not enough takers to make it worthwhile – people just aren’t into the ghoulish spirit over here, well except for me, Tasha and Cameron), so I added a couple of Halloween decorations and will hope for more next year:

The living room is a mix between fall and Halloween and that’s ok… even if I’m not having a party, I can still get into the swing of things though right?

What I’m thankful for this year:

We are all healthy, even if we aren’t together…

My mom finishes her very last treatment today. From here on out its checkups with her oncologist to make sure all is well – YAY!!!

That I’m doing better again at living a healthier lifestyle.

We aren’t the only ones that struggle to understand why our children make the choices they do, and that dysfunction really is the norm.

That even though Monday marked the 15th Anniversary of the day we lost our beloved Nan, her memory is still alive and well within the hearts of those she left behind.

Andy and I celebrated seven years of a strong and healthy marriage on Sunday, despite all the obstacles that have been thrown in our path.

Look how young and stunned intoxicated with love we look…

I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had your fill of turkey amongst family and friends.

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Fern Wimpley said...

I would have been up for a party! Love you and miss you sister! :)