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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paint It Red

The making of a kick-ass spin class (for me anyway):

1. Awesome music
2. A motivational instructor
3. A bike that works properly
Bonus:  a cute instructor

What doesn't work for me when it comes to spinning:

1.  Sometimes you get a bike whose gears are not 'right'

I can usually work through this by staying in a lower gear, however I was running late this morning and was told most of the leftover bikes were 'tricky' ones;  meaning those that are hard going even at level 4/5. It sucks, but you have to just try and forget it and work through it.

2.  An instructor without much 'drive':  Like today. He was cute, but that doesn't cut it.

3.  When the gym is being painted and you are allergic to paint.  I knew the spin room had been painted on Thursday but had hopes it would have dried by today.  It hadn't.

I could have stuck it out if my only issues were 1&2, but I was increasingly finding it hard to breath in that room and had to bail.  I hate having to bail... it looks like I can't cut it. However I quickly told the instructor why I was cutting out and hightailed it out of there.

By the time I made it home my breathing was back to normal but my head was beginning to throb.  I wasn't phoning it in today... I needed some healthy exercise;  because it's a gorgeous fall day I grabbed Molly and we went for a jog. I didn't hold any major expectations for myself but in the end I kicked ass.  For me anyway. 

I jogged 2.77 miles nonstop. It took me 30 minutes but I don't care.  I will work on my time and distance, slowly, just as I have been doing for a few weeks now. 

I think what kept me motivated was a combination of the sunshine, cool fall air and jogging through the field and orchards surrounding the village;  oh and I can't forget the app on my iPhone, Runkeeper. I think that really assisted in my quest to keep moving.  It's funny how a little animated voice coming from your pocket can keep you going!

I'm a hot, sweaty mess, but I'm proud of myself (and Molly) just the same.  Note:  I didn't say Hot Mess:

Now I just need to go take my inhaler again.

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Fern Wimpley said...

You're blonde again!! :)