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Monday, March 04, 2013

Looking for the right balance...

I've been bursting all weekend to let you know that the Oreo Mint Ice-cream I made for Andy turned out brilliantly.  Just goes to show what happens when you actually do a bit of reading before you start a project.  One thing I have to remember for the next time is to ensure I make the ice-cream about 8 hours before it's meant to be enjoyed and then serve it.  On Friday morning after being frozen all night, it was absolutely terrific, frozen to a perfect, creamy texture.  However by the evening, after being in the freezer 24 hours it looked to have a little bit of freezer burn going on, although Andy said he enjoyed it just the same. Either way, like any hobby or skill I bet I will get better the more I practice. 

We had Jayden for the night with us on Friday.  He is growing like a weed and I think I need to start posting more pictures of him.  He's just too adorable to not share.  I can't believe that he's going to be 1 in April. He's an absolute dream to take care of, sleeping through the night and not waking up till after 8 am, and always smiling.  Sometimes it's very hard to give him back to his mum and dad.  The kids are doing a great job raising him and what's really sweet is that they make sure that he gets to spend lots of time with all the family and his numerous grandparents. (He has a lot as both Alex and Bonnie's parents are divorced. However I suppose this is one of the positives of today's modern family - that many more grandparents to spoil and adore).

Saturday afternoon was spent in the kitchen cooking a three course meal for my in-laws;  between friends and family we are trying our best to keep them occupied on the weekends.  It was a relaxed way to spend the evening and Wendy came armed with a load of cookbooks for me, which was like Christmas in it's own way.  Her only request was that I start baking again and leaving treats out for her and Dave when they come down to walk Molly during the week.  I've been holding off using my lovely new mixer Ruby because I'm trying to cut back on eating foods that aren't helping my waistline but if I'm being completely honest its because I don't want to get her dirty.  Sad.  I know. 

In other news I've been trying to exercise more but it's a bit of a hit&miss saga with me.  I often wish desperately that I could find the motivation that my sister's seem to have in abundance, however it alludes me at ever corner and for some reason I don't think I'm going to find it in the fridge which seems to be where I look the most these days.  Perhaps I should start doing a Weekly Accountability Post or set up an exercise/food chart.  I think these sound like great ideas in theory but I have to face it, I'm not a planner. I spend all week sorting charts and diaries at work and like my home life to feel a bit more relaxed.  

There has to be a happy medium somewhere and I'm sure I will find it eventually.  I probably feel a bit less motivated at this very moment because I have a dry, sore throat and just want to lay down and read my book.

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