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Friday, March 08, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Well here we are again at Friday.  The week has been a pretty good one and despite the fact my exercise goals took another hit due to the fact that my lower back has been in spasms for most of the week.  However I'm optimistic that today is a new start.  Hopefully by the end of the day my back will still be ok and I can make it to the gym.

This is what's been going on in the last week:

  • I've managed to plan a few healthy meals and cook for both Andy and myself this week;  Yesterday I cooked a ham in our slow cooker and served it up cold alongside potatoes dauphinoise for Andy and Tasha.  I cubed up a few slices for myself and added them to a huge spinach salad, which I really enjoyed.  I also made some turkey chili  chock full of vegetables for our dinner this evening which I'm really looking forward to.  I love chili. Andy will probably want a baked potato with his but I will eat mine all on it's own.  Lately I've been making big pots of veggie chilli, which I seem to enjoy even more than meat chili, which is a bonus as it's super nutritious.
  • Kate Middleton visited our town on Tuesday.  Surprisingly it made international news by putting our grubby little town on the map, even if momentarily.  I love how she went to the local fire house. Andy's cousin is a fire-fighter and snapped this photo:
The Fire Chief at least looks pretty impressed.  

And on Tuesday night our little snuggle-bum came down for a visit with his mum and dad who were on the scrounge for some food.

This child is a massive time waster. 
He pulls the most crazy faces; something tells me this boy isn't going to take himself too seriously. 

I love how they will sit side by side with only the slightest bit of curiosity toward each other;  Molly seems to have become resigned to the fact that the little ones are here to stay (Daisy didn't give her any other option as she was determined to make Molly love her).  I think the dog is just relived that Jayden doesn't constantly follow her around seeking hugs and will only reach out to touch her foot on occasion.  For the time being the baby is more interested in pulling my hair. 

  • After a lot of thought, I made a major decision this week to quit my gym;  I spend £40 a month on a membership that I don't utilise enough to warrant paying that price.  It would be different if I was dedicated and attended  4 or 5 times a week but it's time to be honest - I don't; I'm lucky if I get there twice.  Today I will put in my three month notice and after that I will likely sign up at another local gym that will only cost me £16 a month.  I also plan to start a running program again as well as getting back to doing a lot of other outdoor activities. Besides, I always have my Ripped in 30 and 30 Day Shred videos to fall back on  for building/maintaining muscle (which has proven to work for me more than the gym ever has).  I will see how it goes;  There is nothing stopping me from going back to the gym I've been a long-standing member of, should I change my mind.

It's UK Mother's Day this weekend and both Andy and I are looking forward to a quiet one;  we are hopeful that the weather will soon turn so we can begin getting out on hike's again.


Anonymous said...

What do you think Kate carries in her wee "purses"? Her cigs? HA!Perhaps a credit card in case she gets stranded somewhere?
Way to go. And the firecheif looks quite pleased with himself.:-)
Thank again Jody, for blogging!

Laraf123 said...

I love Kate--she is so pretty and natural. What fun to have her in town!

I think you would be surprised to hear what is going through Molly's mind as she sits next to the little ones. I happen to think she is being very protective without being obvious about it. Just a guess really, but there you have it.

Have a great weekend!