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Friday, March 22, 2013

That Friday Feelin

Last night Andy was going to be home late so I made myself a chicken stir fry for dinner which I really enjoyed.  I much prefer to each chicken and vegetables over almost any other food.  Well besides pasta, I love pasta but it's something I rarely eat. 

After I'd eaten I decided to make some chocolate snowballs. 

The healthy version:

These are made with almonds and dates;  they are gluten and dairy free as well so just about anyone can eat them provided they don't have a nut allergy. 

This week hasn't been as productive as I would have liked; I've been a bit lazy and I've let myself down in more ways than one but I'm not giving myself too hard of a time over it.  I can't stay mad at anyone for very long, least of all myself.  Life's too short.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me; tonight baby boy is coming to sleep over with us and he and his Grandy will take me to the station in the morning so I can catch the train to Nottingham to spend time with my adorably loquacious niece. 

Sunday is Dawn's birthday so I will have to make sure I get back in time to go have a little celebration with her.  Which puts me in a bit of a predicament.  Remember that post I did last month where I confessed to the fact that my pal Sarah and I had fell into a vat of champagne and nearly drowned in it?  Well since that weekend (tomorrow it will be four weeks) I haven't touched wine.  Not one glass.  Come on, pick yourself up off the floor I'm not done this post yet.... I know how surprising this must be to you because in recent years wine has become one of my four food groups. And I know it was champagne and not wine that we'd over-indulged in, but since then I told myself I was going to lay off the wine and see how long I could go without breaking open a bottle.  Perhaps until Easter, a sort of delayed Lenten sacrifice.  Dawn thinks it's funny when we get together on a weekend afternoon and actually have coffee. So I will have to see what happens this Sunday afternoon. Perhaps we can have a glass of cider. 

It's not been as hard as I'd though, kind of like the time I kicked my diet coke addiction. I did tell you that I don't drink diet coke on a daily basis any more right? I don't even have it in the house. Seriously, and not because if it's there I will have to have it.  That only applies to chips and cake.  It's the same with the wine - there's plenty of it in my wine rack but it doesn't even call my name when I'm in the living room watching Stella. I know, right?  I'm  not the raging alcoholic I thought I was.

However like with my diet coke, I don't plan on never drinking wine again;  Sorry but I love my summer afternoons/evenings in the garden with my pal and a glass or two of crisp, cold pinot grigio.  Just like the times when I grab a sandwich from the local deli and enjoy it with a cold can of diet coke. It just has to happen from time to time. I don't believe in giving up something you love for ever.  Everything in moderation works for me. 

They are calling for dodgy weather in these parts this weekend;  I don't know what's happened to the spring that England used to experience but here's hoping it's a good weekend even if the weather is a stubborn mule. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend too, and wherever you are I hope you at least see the sun.  I'm beginning to forget what it looks like.

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