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Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm feeling rather let down this week.  The reasons for this most likely stem from any (or all) of the points listed below:

1.  The pains that I have been experiencing in the small of my back have left me feeling out of sorts and not able to exercise as much as I'd hoped this week, even though moving helps. A bit.

2.  Flights to/from Nova Scotia are still well over £800 and because of this we can't lock down a date to get my sister here.  This is made even more frustrating because she doesn't have the type of job where she can pick/chose her holiday time easily.

3.  I'm reading Winter of the World and although I'm just as captivated as I always am with anything written by Ken Follett, reading a historical novel about the cruelties humans have inflected on each other can get a girl down.   
4. The sun came out and teased us last weekend yet this week has been windy and not-so-sunny.  I'd really enjoy another day spent in the garden with baby boy:

4. The icing on the cake for my low state of mind is courtesy of my monthly pest; I don't know why this bugger seems to knock the stuffing out of me for a day or two, but it does.  Aside from the chronic back pain I've been experiencing, I would say that this is probably the only legitimate reason for my low mood.  

However I have to look on the bright side:  It's Friday, my husband is back in town, I have a gorgeous and faithful (albeit odd) little companion who enjoys running with me (when no one else will) and will cheerfully do so this weekend; I'm just over halfway to my fundraising goal for the Race for Life and best of all?  There is always Pinot Grigio.


Anonymous said...

please just try to be grateful you are alive. may seem silly to say but trust this wisdom.

Jody said...

I am grateful to be alive :) I was just expressing my dissapointment about not achieving certain goals.