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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling Content

I haven't started a work week feeling this relaxed in a long time;  I spent the long weekend going on long walks/runs with Molly, planning and eating healthy meals and spending time with Andy and a few close friends.  We had a particularly good day yesterday that started with a two hour hike.  (We really are blessed with the surrounding country-side here.) Molly too, has had plenty of exercise and in between she and I have enjoyed ourselves by just chilling out in the back garden. Andy and I also went on a 5.5 mile bike ride; however because my gears need a few adjustments I didn't want to push it and will wait to go on a longer ride once  Alex comes over to sort it out for me. 

A feeling of contentment has been hanging around our house lately and here are few contributing factors:  

The new flower jug I bought on Friday; 
I always have fresh flowers in my dining room and it might not seem like much, but having something pretty to display them in is even better.

As mentioned previously, lots of outdoor exercise with Molly and Andy.

Watching Molly enjoy a snooze in the sun after a long trek as I savoured a good novel;  
She's such a cutie when it comes to her toys.

I've been eating healthy and combined with keeping active, I'm feeling good.

Lots of laughter - it really is good for the soul.

Music:  I've been listening to a lot of new sounds and I'm especially enjoying a female duo called First Aid Kit and a bluegrass group called Old Crow Medicine Show; listening to their song Wagon Wheel makes me want to watch O Brother Where Art Thou again, or at the very least re-download A Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys...  Daft Punk's new tune Get Lucky is pretty good too, if your looking for something upbeat to add to your workout track. 

I'm patting myself on the back for sticking to a number of the goals I'd sent out for myself in May. (I've now cleared the goal of more than seven posts and the month isn't over yet.)
Most impressive of all (at least to Andy) is that I've been enjoying most of the above activities despite the absence of a chilled glass of white wine in my hand. 


Laraf123 said...

Love that picture of Molly!

Have you heard of the duo called the Secret Sisters? I just started listening to their music --you might like it too!

Jody said...

I will definitely search them out Lara :) thanks for the tip xx