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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Bon Voyage Dawn!

Tomorrow, my friend and fellow blogger Dawn embarks on the first leg of her journey south. First she is going to Florida to spend time with her friend Debs and then she is off to Vegas to join in the celebration of my sister's wedding. Dawn, I hope you have all the fun and relaxation you deserve. I will miss you and your blog updates - look forward to seeing you on the live feed on the 5th!. Take Care and HAVE FUN! (Oh and keep an eye on my baby sister for me, ok????).

Its a lovely and sunny 18 degrees here. I've been happily wearing summer pants, skirts and flip flops these past few days. We have the kids down this weekend and will be going out shortly to enjoy the day. Andy and Alex just came back with a patio table and chars so we can eat our dinner outside tonight. Next on the Agenda will be the purchase of a barbecue. Yummy.


Yesterday while Andy and I were in town, we stopped at the Town Hall as Andy had to send off his passport for renewal... I stopped to read the notices for people intending to marry and was quite amused and a little 'insulted' at how they list single women. Of course, they note the name of both parties intending to marry, their age, their addresses and their status... You would be amused, as I was to see Andy would be listed as 'previously married' and I would be listed... are you ready for this - as SPINSTER!!!! What is up with that? I noticed men who hadn't been previously married were listed as Bachelor. Good God... I guess its a good thing Andy will soon be rescuing me from living a life as a Spinster woman. I'm at a loss for words... have a good weekend.

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