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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Happy Birthday Rena!!!

Today my pal Marina is turning 39! One more year to go until the big 4-0 baby doll! Hopefully life will give you all the good things you so deserve this year. I miss you bud, and wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

It was also my buddy Darla's Birthday on Saturday and boy I wish I could have joined in for that celebration, as I'm sure it was a party. As Darla doesn't read my blog, she doesn't get a big bunch of balloons!

What Is It With These Things Anyway?

My sister Tawny has been working really hard and has lost about 10 lbs so far. Her goal is to lose another four pounds or so prior to her wedding in May. She is really pleased with the results of her weight loss, especially since she has lost some poundage off her breasts.

Which brings me to this... boobs! What is it with our infatuation with tits?? Not only are men obsessed with them, women are too. They either want bigger ones, smaller ones, higher ones, perkier ones, etc. I'm a 'little' guilty of this too. Ultimately, we all seem to want what we don't have. A few are satisfied with the ones they have - they are lucky for that. I don't mind mine, truth be told as I've lived with them for nigh on 20 years - I've had bigger boobs my whole life, and when I lose weight, it generally doesn't come off my chest. Tawny has gone down a cup size with her weight loss, as she wasn't always big breasted. Not until she was in her twenties and gained a bit of weight did she end up with a full sized chest. Its just a struggle sometimes when trying on clothes and you have to get a bigger sized top, one that's too big around the waist, to fit your chest - and face it, we're not rich enough to have our clothes custom made! Tawn and I agreed in our conversation the other night, that a good C , or even D cup was a good size, well for girls our height/build. I have lost 23 pounds or so in the past year and still wear a DD. I honestly hope that if I manage to shed another 10 pounds or so, I might make it into a D, cause frankly, I have lots to spare - but I wouldn't want to go much lower than that. Andy gets distressed when I say I wish my boobs were a bit smaller, but face it, I'm still relatively young at the moment. He has to think about me in another 20 years, unless he has the coin to pay for a 'lift'. I have nightmares of someday tucking my boobs into the belt of my pants. Don't laugh - it happens, I worked in a Nursing Home, remember? However I'd like to think that with continuous workout's and a steady diet, I might not have to face this fear for another 30-40 years... at which time I hopefully won't give a damn anymore.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Blah, Blah, Blah...

1. Do you talk a lot?
....Umm YEAH.

2. Do you like/hate it when people talk to you a lot? I love it when people converse with me if the conversation is interesting to us both.

3. Who do you talk to the most on the net? Tawny or Stacy

4. Who do you talk to the most over the phone? My Mom

5. What kind of conversations bore you? Conversations with people who are self-absorbed annoy me, and I don't like it when a bunch of people who are employed together talk shop around those who don't work with them.

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