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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well It's Done

So, on Tuesday morning I made email-confirmation for my wedding venue. Yup. It's done. We are getting married on October 9th at an Inn in Bridgewater. We decided that this would be an ideal location as 1) It's a beautiful Inn, 2) They have a wedding coordinator on site 3) The wedding can be conveniently moved indoors if the weather isn't good.

I know that its an hour outside of Halifax but I'm sure most people won't mind traveling that far, as its a lot nearer and cheaper than flying to England. Also, the Inn - The Fairview Inn, will be reserved for the entire weekend for my guests, and my guests will receive a 20% discount. There are also a number of hotels/B&B's in the area, and again, its only an hour away so people who aren't indulging in drink can drive home if they choose.

I got an email from Dawn this morning with a lovely suggestion of holding my wedding at Citadel Hill, something that could be done with the help of her sweet father, and Andy and I would love to have it there, it would be soooo cool. However there is one problem. I doubt the Citadel has a Wedding Coordinator, and sadly I am one of those gals who needs one, desperately - especially since I won't be home to do much of the planning.

Planning a Wedding - Ack

Not my thing, not at all. I guess we went in the right direction by deciding on our budget. We are not going to skimp mind, however I don't want a very large Hoop-la, just something more intimate with close family and friends (under 100, lol). Andy has already done the big song and dance with the dragon, and luckily for him, its not something I want - although God luv him, he has said he will do whatever I want. What I want is what I've just described, and he's happy with this. What makes us happier is that his Mum and Dad, sister Allison and her b/f have said they will come! We will spend the next few weeks/months determining if the children will accompany us (provided the dragon gives consent).

I still don't know how I'm gonna do this, or where to start - but I'll get there. As much as I'd love to mastermind a lovely wedding blog like my sister has done, I doubt very much this will happen as I likely won't be doing much wedding chat here. I will be laying low for the most part. I think it will hit me more when I come home in the summer to a) check the venue out, b) buy a dress, and c) sort anything else wedding related out.

So, now you all know (well those of you that don't read Locobellatuna, lol). I'm glad my sister is excited about my plans - I think I will get there eventually, lol. However I am happy to think that we are both getting married in the same year - although I'd be happier if I could be at hers, but alas, we've been down that road before - maybe we can celebrate our 10th Anniversary together!

One other very big reason why I'm coming home to tie the knot - so my family can all be together and I can celebrate with all of you who have been soooo supportive of Andy and I. It's meant the world.

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