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Tuesday, August 03, 2004



Tonight I figured I'd better try on that dress to see if I could still squeeze into it, as I'm due to go get it altered this week. Squeeze being the appropriate word. Basically, the dress isn't working at the moment. I could barely breath and to put it plainly, its now too small. It zipped up, but barely. So... I knew this would likely happen what with having most of the summer at home, however the over-eating has to stop. I'm sure the fact that I'm bloated and swollen from a drinking binge last night and the sweltering humidex of today isn't helping, however its time to seriously begin watching my food intake. When I bought the damn thing is just fit then, so I knew I was gonna have a battle. However as discussed with my sisters, I know once I get back to England I won't have a problem dropping some weight so I'm not gonna stress too much.

I did get some pretty plain flip flops to wear under it though, which makes me happy. I had bought a pair of proper shoes but they are the wrong color. Owell I didn't waste time moaning about that. I'm happy with the flops.

The friends I have in my life are truly the best.

As most of you know, I used to have a friend who put way too much on my shoulders and expected far too much from me. Sadly, because of all these expectations (some of which were very unreasonable) and the fact that I could never be the person she wanted me to be, we went our separate ways.

I think that I'm a pretty good person in terms of my friendships and I try and give what I get in return. A couple of times I have broken plans and the friends that I have are very understanding, especially since I'm home on vacation. Its nice to be able to tell your friend the truth, rather than make up a lie, and have her/him be accepting of it. Now there are times when breaking plans just isn't acceptable, but for the smaller stuff, most of my friends don't sweat it and besides, its not something I do very often.

Case in Point: I had originally made plans to go to the Fire Works Launch with Dawn and her family last night. I was however very much in the mood to head to the water front and the beer tents. There were some very good bands playing and as I've not really tore up the town yet, I really wanted to do partake in the downtown music scene in honor of the Tall Ships. Dawn wasn't up for it but very honestly told me it'd be fine with her if I bailed to go out. She's been working a lot of shifts lately and was tired anyway, and certainly not up for going out. But I was grateful that she is the sort of gal you can be yourself with. If for a moment she had expressed dismay though, I would have kept to the original plan.

So... Darla and Glen (another two very laid back pals) had called to say they were heading downtown for a walkabout and invited me along. Of course the walkabout turned into one hell of a big drunkfest (as we knew it would), but hell it was good clean fun. We were walking around looking for the Celtic Tent so we could see McGinty and we were about to give up when we were pretty sure we heard them. We were behind the tent in the area surrounded by the loading trucks. There was a partition in the tent that Glen stuck his head in, and yup, it was McGinty. Instead of walking around to the front, we just creeped in the back way... and saved ourselves five bucks. After awhile I needed to pee and walked over to the side entrance (not the main). I sweetly asked the bouncer if it'd be alright to leave to go to the bathroom. He sternly informed me I needed a stamp (that I should have got upon entering). I smiled and told him that I was dying to go to the toilet and would it be ok if I just came back in his way. It worked of course. A bit later D&G had to go to the toilet and walked out the same way. A few minutes later I saw them approaching the tent and went and ordered another round. I stood waiting with the 3 beers in my hand but they were walking away from the gate. I watched them walk to the main gate, but again, walk away. A few minutes later the monkeys came waltzing thru the back cover. They were told they had to pay five bucks to get back in! Its good we had our alternate entrance! However I'm sure I could have used my wiley charms to get them in! God its good to know I've still got it!

After we left the tent we moved on to the Old Triangle where Glen and I happily downed a lot of Ceasars with Spicy Beans... yummy.

I was feeling the pain today though....


I was wondering why Andy had called this morning at the appointed time, however when I finally roused myself to check my cellphone, it was again not working properly. (I will be addressing this when I get back to the UK). I finally got to talk to Andy around noon to see how he had made out on his return trip from New York. He'd arrived ok, only to find out that his luggage hadn't! The airlines, after locating it, then delivered it to the wrong home... Andy was supposed to have it back by nine this evening. The check in people at New York had made them remove their locks so hopefully it will be undisturbed - he had a lot of presents in that luggage!

So, speaking of airlines, I booked my flight back to the UK for August 20th. I happily upgraded myself to premium for only a few extra dollars so now I won't have to worry so much about my luggage allowance. I'm flying into Glasgow and once there Andy and I will travel up into the highlands for the weekend. I'm looking forward to this getaway with him as it will be a good way to spend our first night together before picking the boys up that Monday (if all works out the way we hope). I really miss him and am looking forward to seeing him again. The only dissapointing factor was that I had assumed I'd be flying back via Toronto, and therefore get to spend a few days there, however the cheapest flight was direct. Owell at least I know I will be seeing my sisters and Taylor in October.

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