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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

OK, Where To Start???

Since it has been so very long since I really blogged, and I have so much to talk about, I will try to condense things a bit. I may not blog about everything I would like to, because I'm sure that after so long, some of it may be quite un-interesting.

The Surprise Un-Shower

On Thursday the 12th I was due to go to Kristin's (my former boss) for supper with her and her family. When I pulled up outside of the house I noticed that there were a few cars around and that the drive way was empty. This usually spells party at Kristin's and for a moment I thought maybe she had invited a few people over from work. After quickly scanning the cars for any I recognized, mainly Marina's and Darla's, and not seeing any, I figured that someone else on the street must be having people over.

Karl and Teddy were in the front window watching as I pulled in the drive and exited the car. Kristin came happily out of the house and hugged me, before ushering me straight thru into the kitchen. At this point I had noticed a few familiar pairs of shoes and pop and drinks set up on the kitchen table. Kristin steered me toward the patio door and opened it... there waiting to surprise me were my mom and Stacy, a couple of very close friends, all of my aunties minus 2 and a bunch of girls from work. I was absolutely stunned - I stopped in my tracks, went behind the door jamb and proceeded to cry. Not tears of anger (as some might have suspected), but because I was so overwhelmed.

Not the most flattering shot but I think you get the gist of it

After I was finally coaxed out onto the patio, the evening was spent chatting with as many people as I could (hopefully I didn't leave anyone out) and then eating the delicious food everyone had prepared. My mom had even stopped at May Garden for my favorite eggrolls! That wasn't it, after dessert I was ushered into the family room where I was again surprised. This time with a beautiful white tree with lights and ribbons. This was covered in money and cards - what is known as a 'Money Tree' a shower gift that is perfect for a girl who lives 4000 miles away and could not ship gifts.

I then proceeded to unwrap the money and read the cards... I cannot believe how much money Andy and I have as a result of this one little party. A few people who couldn't be there even sent cards.

I had told my mom and Stacy upon arrival in Nova Scotia that I did not want nor need a shower, including a money one, and especially a surprise one. Although I did not want this, now that it has been done and I see how much it meant to those who care about me, I am very grateful. The money was great, but the thoughtfulness and caring meant even more.

Andy and I have decided to use the money on a BBQ, Blender/Smoothie Maker and a Chair (from IKEA). Any left over will be used for small household items!

Mercy River

On Friday morning after the un-shower, Dawn, Stacy and I picked up my young friend Tasha and headed up to Mercy River. We chose to forgo the TeePee's this time in lieu of a cabin. It was a good choice, however that night was so hot and humid, sleeping was difficult. Add to the fact that Stacy had hidden under Dawn's bed while she was in the bathroom, only to grab her foot while she was changing - something that scared the hell out of her and seemed to set the rest of us in spook mode for the remainder of the night.

The kayaking and canoeing were absolutely fantastic as usual. We spent the whole afternoon on the lakes and river, the majority of it to the ringing tune of 'JOOOODDDYYY' or Joooddddyyyy I'm stuck, come GEEEETTTT me... I don't LIIIKKKE this' as Stacy got herself stuck on numerous rocks. Dawn being Dawn just kept on paddling and left me to assist my sad little sister.

Dawn & Stacy Posted by Hello

Saturday we woke up with full intentions of hitting the river again, however as it was pouring down rain we made our way slowly back the coastal roads, stopping again in Bridgewater for our lunch. I can't believe the amount of time I have spent in that place this summer. Funnily enough I had only been there once before this year!

The Rest of the Week

I spent the last of my vacation home catching up with friends and family I had not yet seen and hanging out with Stacy. We only managed to catch one more movie and sadly I had to leave on the day Open Water came out, however its due to be released here on September 9th, so that's ok.

I went in to have lunch with Darla and Kristin on the Wednesday and went with the residents of SVGH to the Public Gardens in the afternoon. It was really nice to catch up with a few of the girls - Colleen, Kathy and Debbie T, and it was especially sweet to see the residents happily eating their strawberry ice-cream that was melting more quickly than they were able to eat it! Like children, they didn't seem to care that they were wearing most of it, which is the way it should be on a hot, sticky day!

One Last Night In Halifax

So... My Aunt Nita flew into town from Saint John's on Thursday afternoon to have a night out with me before I left Friday (she was originally due to fly in on Friday). Mom, Stacy, my Aunts' Marg and Shirley met up with us, as did my cousin's Tracy and Wayne (it was Wayne's b-day), my Uncle Reg and Tim and Roisin. Things started off peacefully enough with a meal at the Ale House. We then moved on to the Old Triangle where things were pretty quiet, until a few of us went up to the Snug and started goofing around. We then left there and headed up to Pogue Fado's as my Aunt Nita's daughter Tina was supposed to be there that night. At this point, Ra, Tim, Uncle Reg, Aunt Shirley and Wayne left us.

Snug in the 'Snug' Posted by Hello

Pogue's was fantastic, a great band from NB was playing and the drinks were flowing. Next thing you know Tracy and I were on the dance floor shaking it up with a bunch of people we'd never met. Next thing you know, we were over at the bar doing shooters (or at least I was with the guy and girl I had met on the dance floor). You just gotta love Halifax for meeting up with people. I honestly think I invited them to the wedding! Crazy I know, since half the people I wanted to invite I couldn't due to space! Anyway, long story short, I got extra loaded and ended up being more hungover than I have been in AGES... thus ruining my Friday plans to have a yummy NS lunch and to shop for the few food items I'd wanted to bring back to the UK. Owell I had fun and I can get the foodstuff in less than six weeks!

Well there you have it.... the remainder of my trip home in much long drawn out detail. Tomorrow Andy and I are taking the boys to the UK's theme park with his sister and spending the night in Nottingham. I will try and catch up with the rest of my blog no later than Friday.

Sorry if the blog was too lengthy this time!

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