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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Less Than 2 Weeks to Go

Well I've been here four weeks and only have two to go... I still haven't accomplished everything I had wanted to do such as see some people I have been waiting to see, however within the next two weeks I will be making a concerted effort to do so. Some people have been calling to set up times with me and so far I just haven't managed it. This is my week to do so. Anyone else who hasn't really shown a whole lot of interest in hanging out, well maybe next summer. I'm not sweating the small stuff. When you only have so long at home, that's exactly it - you only have so much time. Next time I'm here it will likely only be for two weeks and most of that time will be taken up with family - mine and Andy's.

More On the Dress

So, Wednesday morning after trying to be good for a few days, and before it got overly hot and sticky I tried on the damned thing - it fit pretty much the same as it did when I bought it. I was hoping it would as I finally got around to taking it into the tailor's to have it 'altered' - by which I mean to say - have the enormously HUGE train taken off it - sorry but I ain't prentending to be anybody's Princess Di. So, Friday at lunch time Stacy and I went to Nick and Mike of Gottingen Street (these men were strongly recommended by a dear friend - thanks Valentina!) and I put the dress on for them to assess. Both men loved the color of it and exlaimed that they had never seen a dress like it before in the 40 years they have been in the business. Anyway, the dress was a little sticky at that hour, but was still ok. As at the beginning of July I still have a bit of work cut out for me. I never wanted to be a bride who had to lose a town of weight just for her wedding, and thankfully that is still the case. I think that is so icky - I want to lose weight of course, but on my own time. I don't need to be skinny for that day, I just need to still fit in the dress, which I will!

So, speaking of the wedding (again). Tawny informed me the other night she had set up a wedding blog for me. I was a little bit shocked as I had informed her and everyone else who reads my blog that I wouldn't be setting up a wedding blog as I really wouldn't have that much to say i.e. basically talking about all details leading up to including the occasion. (Although I'm very happy that Tawny did this for her own wedding!) As we all know I'm just not into it that much. However Tawny quickly assured me that this blog is just for her and I, to keep track of wedding info such as Guest Lists etc. Since she is in charge of a few things involving this event, it makes perfect sense. I love her for her organizational skills (amongst other things) and honestly couldn't do this without her! (Not that I'm doing much, except telling Tawn and my Planner what I want/don't want - jeez even Roisin informed the planner of what flowers I'd be wanting as I have no clue!)

One more wedding thing: I folded to conformity and bought a pair of proper shoes... I had told myself a month ago that if I found a suitable pair I would buy them, but wouldn't go out of my way - which is exactly what happened. Owell I'm happier to be able to wear the flops now... oh, and my cousin Denise very sweetly and kindly offered to make my wedding cake. I told her that as sweet as she was being in offering it, I really don't want one. We're having Apple Carmel Cake for dessert - that's enough. A wedding cake is just another excuse to pose for a picture, besides who really even eats it/sleeps with it under their pillow?.

Trucker John

My dad has been steadily making his way home after crossing the US in the swealtering heat. Only one day into his trip his AC went and he was left to travel the southern states into Texas thru the most unforgiving heat. My dad is a big man and finds the heat hard even when he's in the house here in NS, I can't imagine the hell he was in travelling and sleeping in a big rig in those conditions.

Thursday night he made it into Ontario and had a night with Tawny and Taylor and then I believe he hooked up with Sandra on Friday night. He's been travelling pretty much straight thru today and will probably be here in the early hours. It'll be good to see him - he deserves the break this week for sure!

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