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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Friday turned out to be an exceptionally good day for Stacy and I. We found our way to the city of Lincoln without any trouble at all. The drive down was smooth and easy going and it was so like old times for the two of us as we listened to our favourite songs. It seems to be that whenever my sisters and I now get together we always seem to have a 'theme' song for the duration of our time together. Last summer with Tawny in Toronto (and again with Dawn in Mercy River), it was sadly enough 'Eye of the Tiger'. There's something about that song that just makes you want to sing and shake your fist... hmmmm fist shaking seems to be a big thing with some people ;). Anyway, I am digressing. My point being, that this trip Stacy and I have adopted 'The Way You Move' by the Body Rockers as our chosen song. It plainly just 'rocks'.

As time is short, I have just downloaded a few of the pictures we took from our day out on Friday. I will hopefully be back to blog within the next day or so, maybe even tonight as I have a few funny things that are just needing to be told.

Lincoln Cathederal

Princess Stacy in the Tower at Lincoln Castle

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