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Friday, May 13, 2005

She's Really Ours

Today we went and saw our little puppy. She's just turned four weeks old and we have to wait until the middle of June before we can bring her home at which time she will be the around the size of little Coco (the chocolate lab in the photo with me). All these labs are working labs and they are lean and gorgeous no matter the color. I can't wait until the day she is in my arms and we can bring her home!

Aunty Stacy with Our Baby...

We are thinking of a few different names to call her, predominately Molly, but I think we need to wait until we pick her up to see if it suits or not. In the meantime we are definitely open to suggestions!

Me & Coco

Here is a pic of a few of her brothers and sisters. This is just so exciting for us! She is going to be a very loved and special addition to our family!

Four of Ten...

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