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Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Ruth!

Today my dear friend Ruth is celebrating her birthday back home in Nova Scotia. Not only does she have her fantastic life to celebrate on this day, but also the fact that after many years of putting it off, she has just this week become a fully licensed driver!!! HOoRAy!!! I'll be expecting a drive with you when I next make it home! Have a great day my friend, you deserve it!

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of two very special and wonderful people. My sister Tawny and her husband Taylor are at this moment having a widly romantic time together in the place where they were married one year ago yesterday: Las Vegas Nevada. I hope that the rest of their lives together are as good as this past year has been. Cheers to the first of many!!!

Five Minute Update

Stacy is upstairs at the moment getting ready as today I am going to attempt to drive us to Lincoln so that she can see this beautiful city, but more specifically to see the historic and beautiful cathederal that sits so proudly above the city.

We have been keeping fairly busy - last weekend Andy and I took Stacy to a working village called Beamish to show her how a typical village would have looked in the late 1800's, early 1900's. We stopped over in Newcastle to check out a few of the sights and to have a drink with an old friend before making our way to Robin Hood's Bay, a small village set on the side of of mountain above a gorgeous cove... it was breathtaking. The only trouble is my poor sister in her quest to download the pictures we'd taken that weekend, lost them all. We had some great pics, including one of Stacy in an ancient pub in Newcastle holding up (one on each side of her face) a tin of Red Bull and a glass of Vodka... (I'm sure the person this photo was taken for knows who they are ;)!!! Maybe this is what happens when we try to 'best' our friends! Anyway, on Monday (it was a holiday here) Andy and I took her to Horseshoe Point in the hopes of her catching sight of the seals, but alas no luck. However despite the absence of any seals, we did have a good hike out to the water and Stacy was quite thrilled to be frolicking around in the North Sea on the first of May as the shallow water was suprisingly warm.

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