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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I Just Can't Believe She's Gone...

We spent our last day/evening with Stacy in London last night before taking her to the airport this morning. I can't begin to express how lost I feel now that she is gone. Even though I am not alone the house seems empty tonight, especially now that we have dropped Connor home as he was a great comfort all day. He (along with Andy) kept cuddling me and telling me how much he already missed Stacy. Alex asked in the car if we could call Stacy tonight. Andy talked about all the great times we had. So you see, she will not only be missed dreadfully by me, but by my family here in New Waltham.

I'm sitting here blogging while Stacy's favourite UK show (My Family) is on the television and I can't believe the irony that it is on tonight of all nights when its usually on on Monday nights. The house feels strange now without her presence and I think it will honestly take me a few days to get over her being gone. We had a wonderful time together and once I get myself sorted out I will begin blogging again about our adventures.

For the time being here are a few pictures from our last hours together.

My Beautiful Sister Underground...

Goodbye Big Ben (I think we are both feeling a little 'drained' by this point)

My Lovely Sister and I... (notice her lovely new top;)

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