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Monday, April 10, 2006

Across the haawwl and through the door

Work has been fairly busy for me as one colleague is off on annual leave and the other is on sick leave. So that leaves me to run the clinic. I'll be working a couple of full days but I'm not complaining, it just gives me time to take back when the girls are here. Today was a busy clinic day and I found myself repeatedly saying 'Go across the hall and into the Clinic Room'. Well I might have repeated that exact sentence twice, before changing my phrasing to 'Go across the corridor and into the Clinic Room'.

My friends/family back home have often called me up on the fact that my wording has changed and I tend to use more English words then previously. This is bound to happen, especially from a professional viewpoint. If you keep opposing it you just look like a, well... stuck up wanker. As they say: 'When in Rome'. I have never fought to keep my own Canadian speak, and picked up a lot of words rather quickly, especially since I'd been talking to Andy for two years prior to moving here. As time has marched on I think I've been using even more English words. I do however like to use a lot of Canadian phrases, especially as my colleague loves to hear the different versions of how we say things, and she especially laughs when we exchange swear words. She does a great mock of me saying 'Do you want anything at the store?' (The English say shop.) But there is no fear of me adopting the accent, I can't fake it so there is no worries of me being completely assimilated. If I lived London way, or further North where the accents are stronger than mine, it might be so, but not here in N.E. Lincolnshire.

Time to push on...

My legs feel like jello and my arms are a little sore, but other than that I feel gggreeat. Over the weekend I have surpassed 4000 steps on my Thigh Trainer, in two separate segments. Over the past few weeks I have made a concerted effort to use it at least five times a week. I was shooting for twenty minute intervals, however if I'm in front of a good show, I find that 40-45 minutes have passed rather quickly. I set myself some really good challenges and between the stepper and the armbands, I feel like I'm doing something to take me in the right direction. Andy has been having a go on it as well, and together we have agreed to shuck a few pounds (although our ideas of healthy eating are very different).

I had to put a stop to Ben & Jerry's being brought into the house because when its here, it gets eaten. A few weeks ago I had bought some as a treat only to eat after we had both lost 2-3 pounds but that failed when Andy couldn't resist. It just went too well with American Idol, and once he cracked his tub open, I had to eat mine. So last week while we were in Tesco and had picked up two tubs on the condition we lose 5 lbs before we could eat it, they had to be put back as Andy couldn't promise me he wouldn't eat it until then. I would love to have a committed partner in my weight loss program because when two people are following the same diet it makes things so much easier, however so long as I can point Andy in the right direction and stay away from the meals I cook for the kids, then I should be alright.

At the end of the month I will give a progress report on our weight loss challenge. Here's hoping we can shuck at least five pounds before the party begins on April 28th.

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