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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Honky Tonk Woman

Our Easter weekend was more reminiscent of days gone by, when nights were spent getting inebriated in pubs than spent in with the kids. Every now and then Andy and I have a good night out but it is seldom when we both live it up together, and even rarer when we both end up feeling no pain by the end of the night. To think that we managed to get into such a state twice in one weekend is what made it such a success because we sure needed it.

We spent Friday night in Nottingham with Alison and Scott eating fine food and drinking in a chic bar. It seemed that no time had passed before it was midnight and I somehow got the idea in my head that it would be fun for us all to do a few shots. A few turned into a few more and by the time we got back to the apartment I had moved into an new dimension altogether. By the time we went to sleep Andy had seen more than a glimpse of that 'handful' he had foreseen over four years ago at a bar in Halifax. I was semi-apologetic the next morning, but did point out that he knew what he was getting himself into when we got together. What you see is what you get with me! We spent the rest of Saturday lethargically making our way back home, and what should normally be an hour and 45 minute drive took much longer. For the first time in a long time I battled nausea, something I don't wish to experience again any time soon. Andy himself wasn't feeling in top shape, but luckily Sunday found us feeling better if not still a little tired.

Andy was fighting sleep early on Sunday evening when it was time to get dressed to go out with our friends Helen and Trev. We were heading to a bar called Bootleggers to hear a local band. We both said it probably wouldn't be a late night as we were still feeling the effects of Friday night. As it turns out, Trev was feeling pretty raw from the night before so I think we all thought the night might end earlier than expected.


As we made our way into the teeming bar I wondered exactly how long I would last as the bar was 6-8 people deep, you could barely move and when the band started they were extremely loud. Once we got our drinks and found a spot that didn't have you right on top of the room-sized speakers, we began to enjoy the music. When the band took a break we headed next door to Silk for a change of atmosphere and a few more drinks before heading back to Bootlegger. This time when the band came on we were all on the dance floor shaking it up. I couldn't believe I was actually in a bar in England dancing to Honky Tonk Woman by the Stones... When the band ended we went looking for yet another pub as none of us were ready for the night to be over. At one point I ran into someone I know, which was great, as Helen knows everyone when we go out, so I felt more connected than I have in the past. We had a great time chatting to people and as Helen and I have no trouble talking to people we don't know, we ended up having an amusing time, especially when they start asking me where I'm from. I think Helen likes how people are drawn over because of this and its like I said to her 'If we think its fun with just me having the accent, wait till Dawn and Stacy hit the clubs with us!' Cleethorpes ain't gonna know what hit it!

We finally called it a night and headed up to the taxi stand to call for a cab. Thankfully we could wait inside, as no one was sure exactly how long it would take. There were a few guys there ahead of us, and of course we all got to chatting and I was hit with the inevitable where are you from, which is always followed by what are you doing here. I coyly pointed my husband out to the young fellow questioning me, but was slightly surprised when he followed up with 'What's so special about him?' (You ask this kind of question, your gonna get a Jody-style answer). Which happened to put the biggest smile on my drunken husband's face, when I loudly proclaimed 'Well he just happens to be the BEST SEX I'VE EVER HAD...' I'm sure the taxi drivers must have heard me over the radio.

This was a picture of Andy and Trev, taken with my phone while we were waiting for the cab. Andy doesn't remember this, therefore I am publishing it in honour of the fact that I had never, up until now, seen my husband so pissed his memories are hazy...

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