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Saturday, April 22, 2006

And then there was one.

Last night I went out for to dinner with the girls from work in honour of a lady who has left our organization. I personally didn't work with her, but had met her a few times, and of course never one to miss a party, especially where good food is involved, I went along.

The food, drink and conversation were fantastic and as the evening was wrapping up the gal whose party it was came down to our end of the table for a chat. It is well known that she has lost loads of weight and everyone is always telling her how great she looks now. I didn't know her before and when she proudly pulled out a magazine article to show us a picture of before, some of us were stunned. She had lost 12 stone 5 in weight! 172 POUNDS... Without surgery. At one point she made the comment that she must be a pretty boring person, as conversation often seems to center around her weight loss. Of course she's not boring. It's not every day that you meet someone who has lost the equivalent of a whole other person in body weight.

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