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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They wanna put me in rehab but I say No No No

The past week has been full of strange days. Last night while picking up a few groceries, Alex and I had the pleasure of frequently being in the same isle as a young fellow who was either drunk, high or mentally challenged (yes I should probably have been able to figure out which, but it wasn't easy) who kept us entertained with the above mentioned tune. He also had a constant monologue in place as he carefully picked out his groceries. His care in choosing his product is what led me to believe that he was probably the latter, however the fact that he kept muttering that he was ready to fight with whomever wanted to roll, gave me the impression he was either drunk or high. Either way, I didn't spend too long trying to figure it out as a) I didn't want to blatantly stare, and b) quite frankly it was none of my business so long as he didn't step out of line with Alex or myself (or anyone for that matter).

Last Friday I went in to work to have my colleague tell me to 'look in the box' in reference to a big red container that was placed in the middle of the floor. Now I don't know about you, but when someone tells me to look in a box, I'm more inclined to do just the opposite. Turns out there was a squirrel in the box that had been hit by a car that morning and another gal we worked with couldn't bear to leave it in the road. Now the squirrels over here are not like those in North America. They are BIG. And cute. And it broke my heart to see it laying there in the box so obviously hurt and frightened. I think N thought she could help it but it was obvious that its back end was useless. When she took it to the vet, they informed her they are not legally allowed to release a squirrel back into the wild as they are considered vermin. Nice. However this little guy wasn't going to make it back home, even if they would let him go, so he was put down. Nice ending to an already dissapointing week.

My husband did however take me away to Warrington on Friday where he keeps a company flat to stay in while he is there from Monday - Friday. Its the first time I've seen it since he's taken it on, and I'm pleased to say that I'm going to be spending a lot of weekends in this so obviously hip and child free environment. Its a great flat, very modern and minimal. I like it. Another bonus? Its close to both Wales and The Lake District. Come on summer, even then we'll happily bring the boys along.

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