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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happier to be me

I want to thank you all for your comments and emails that were full of encouraging and kind words. It means a lot to know that I have really good people in my life. I have, however, made the decision to remove my last post as it was written during a rather dark moment. That post did what it needed to do for me personally, and I have filed your comments away in a very special place. With the help of expressing myself and chatting to some of you I have begun to sort myself out and get my ample ass back in gear.

I feel much better already, and hopefully my next little emotional 'glitch' won't happen for awhile. But I am also going to take the steps required to do what needs doing, and knowing I have my friends and family for any needed support, makes it that much easier. I don't think having someone objective to talk to about any issues I may have around inheriting a ready-made family (with two teenagers and a less than happy ex-wife) in a new country, etc. etc. would hurt at all.

There is nothing weak or embarrassing about admitting you need a little assistance to get through some things in life. I've always known that, especially when it comes to other people, but now I know its right for me.

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