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Thursday, July 22, 2010

44 Years

He came into my life when the last thing I was looking for was another relationship.
He hates to say he's sorry and never did until he met me
(or so his mother says).
He's given me the greatest gift I've ever been given:

He gives the best hugs. 
He adores all things sweet and nothing will ever change that.
He refuses to let circumstances drag him down and remains optimistic even when I have long since given up - he will always fight the good fight especially if its something he believes in.
He is one the kindest men I have ever known.
He has given me more headaches then a girl should be subjected to (including two teenage boys :), however has proved that true love is worth fighting for.
Resourceful could be his middle name.
He handles the moments when I come undone exceedingly well, ready to give me whatever I need especially more wine ;)
Because of him I've seen some of the most amazing places this world has to offer and I can't wait to see more.
He appreciates my mother and loves her like his own - he also respects and admires the relationship I have with her.
In his arms is where I feel safest.
and lastly, (stop reading now if you are of a delicate nature):
he is hung like a horse -what more could a girl want in her guy?

Happy 44th Mr.A


Let's get our party on tonight :)


Laraf123 said...

It is only 6:30 am and this is the second love story I read today. I enjoyed the first, but yours made me smile even more because I know it's true.

dawn mclaughlin said...

Happy Birthday, Cowboy;)

Anonymous said...

*laughing* Geez Jods

Happy Birthday Andy!!!

Fern Wimpley said...

Happy Birthday, Andy!!

dawn mclaughlin said...

(I know anon is my Mom!!)

Jody said...

Thanks Dawn - I was wondering who it was that was a little embarrased by my frankness! ;)

Mom2 said...

sorry Jods .. have to reeducate myself each time a post a message ..not exactly computer literate