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Sunday, July 11, 2010


A few weeks ago a meme was making the rounds where we answered five questions and passed a whole new set of five on. My sister, over at  Five Days in May threw out five questions of her own and (finally) here are the promised answers to her questions:

(I won't be asking five more as I've already done mine :)

1. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? I have a few choice places but I love Monsoon though I often have to wait for special occasions or the twice yearly sales as the clothes are a little out of my budget. I also love the shops in House of Fraser, again, not the best place to go when on a budget.  But I find I'm liking the more quirky styles lately and like a bit more individulality.

2. What would your very last meal consist of? This might be hard to believe but a really tasty chicken stir fry filled with fresh veg, especially sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, broccoli and button mushrooms… and a very large class of gold pinot grigio.  For dessert?  A chocolate brownie with vanilla pod ice-cream (or panacotta with raspberry coulis... I can't decide!) 

3. What’s your biggest regret? I will be perfectly honest here: Putting my family through a miserable hell by being a totally selfish prat when I was 20 and gamboling with my own life, to the point where I very nearly needed a liver-transplant. Hearing my dad tell my sister (via the phone) not to cry, that I was going to be ok and seeing the look of shock and un-answered questions on my mom’s face is a memory that will never leave me. Although I wasn’t the most horrible teenager and did take my role as big sister and first born seriously, I could act very selfish sometimes (what teenager doesn’t?) however that incident took the award for the most terrible and selfish thing I have ever done. And for that I will always be sorry.

4. How many hours a night do you usually sleep? On nights like the last few, four if I’m lucky. However my insomnia is sporadic and often I can get a good seven hours of only slightly broken sleep.

5. Name a city that you visited that you loved so much that you would move to if you could. Would your answer change if money wasn’t an issue? Hrrrm. I have been to a lot of cities: Quite a few European, a few Canadian and American and although each city has a lot to offer, for a variety of reasons, only a few stood out. I had never particularly wanted to visit Paris, but fell in love with it when I did, but I don’t know that I would want to live there, as romantic a notion as that sounds. The cities that stand out most in my mind are New Orleans (I visited before it sank), Paris and Dublin. Dublin because it was just so fun and laid back (kind of reminded me a little of an Irish Halifax). And I know I would have had more fun in New Orleans if I’d stayed longer; I’m not really someone that wants to live in any city really, I’m more of a sea-side, country living girl, but the question isn’t whether or not I’m a city or a country girl, so…. I think I’d chose New Orleans, if for no other reasons than the architecture, food and atmosphere.

Now I'm going to soak in the bath with a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate and Jasper Jones.  Good times I tell you.


Laraf123 said...

Your last meal sounds delicious! As does the way you unwind at the end of the day. I'll have to try that sometime (instead of my usual folding laundry and doing dishes at midnight, LOL)

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