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Monday, July 05, 2010

It could easily have been a pig roast if we'd had a pig...

Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over for our yearly summer bbq.  We normally try to have it to tie in with Canada aDay.  I take great pleasure in the fact that my friends say they look forward to it every year, especially the food.  This year the weather was perfect and Andy worked hard all day making the garden look presentable while I pottered about in the kitchen getting everything ready. 

Janice and Dawn

It was a great time.  The drink was flowing, the music was on and the food seemed to be a hit, especially the home-made baked beans made with Canadian maple syrup.  For dessert we had my mom's simple but yummy Strawberry Squares and Lemon Cheesecake.  (I never thought I'd reach a point in my life where not only could I cook, but I'd enjoy it)

Dee, Me & Alison

The pinata went over well with the kids and had the adults roaring with laughter.  Of course the bigger boys had no problems busting it open, therefore ensuring the adults didn't get a go. 

Connor finishing it off :)

Sharon's little stars, Becky and Aiden

Once it started to get dark Andy lit up the fire pit he is so proud of (and rightly so) and we moved to our smaller garden for a marshmallow roast.   We started talking about how fun and relaxing an open fire is, especially when roasting marshmallows;  my mates seem genuinely interested when they enquire about the lifestyle in Nova Scotia (or they are being very indulgent with me, but I never want to be considered a bore about 'back home') so when asked Andy and I started talking about all the great things Candadians like to roast, i.e. s'mores and sometimes even pigs.  Naturally, out came the big spicy sausages and folks then got down to serious business.  The sausages were messy and disgusting to look at by my, they were tasty.  Poor Dawn, who isn't a sausage eater was trying hard not to be sick.   I won't go into the running commentary from the men and boys, lol. Still, we had a lot of laughs; and a lot more to drink.

This can't be how it works...

Cameron and Connor

Naturally as we got a little drunker the music got a little louder and of course, the dancing began. 

Can't think of a better way to end a party.


JBrown31 said...

Perhaps I need to be an import for next year's party...

dawn mclaughlin said...

What an AMAZING Canada Day!!!!

andy said...

all guests welcome... another fine BBQ / wine / beer / dancing / fun evening.. :)