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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carter Barr

Our dear friends Robert and Dawn left for Lake Como in the early hours of this morning. They've been planning this for a year and we couldn't be more happy for them (if not incredibly envious ;).  One evening last week Dawn came over for a glass of wine and raided my closet for a few extra items of clothing to take with her.  We are completely different sizes but I knew I had a few items that would work, like my long black maxi dress.  When she realized my wardrobe was full of only my clothes (Andy has his in the spare room) she exclaimed 'its like Aladdin's Cave in there!  Just when I think you can't have one more item for me to try, you pull something else out!'  My reply was 'You should see my sister's closet if you think this is bad'. 

Clothes aside, we needed to get to the important gear, shoes!  And even better we have the same shoe size.  Again she was slightly taken aback when she saw how many pairs of shoes I actually own.  She was like a kid in a candy shop and her face lit up when I pulled out yet one last small suitcase full of shoes that I adore yet hardly wear because they are only for really girly occasions or when I'm dressed to the nines: my stilettos or what I fondly refer to as Car to Bar shoes.  (I can't wear these very far as my ankles are weak and tend to roll). 

In the little suitcase was a pair of four inch, pink, open toed shoes that are worthy of Carrie Bradshaw.  I adore them, my sisters covet them and I've probably only worn them twice.  Dawn instantly had them on her feet and we talked about how great they would look with a little black dress or better yet, nothing else.  (Well they are going on a romantic getaway to Lake Como, Italy)

The other evening when I was over at Robert and Dawn's having a glass of wine in the garden, Robert mentioned the pink shoes.  He said (with a grin) that when Dawn initially pulled them out to show him, she told him what I called the shoes. Robert's reply? 'I've never heard of him'.  Dawn had just looked confused.  What did Robert mean he'd never heard of him?  Robert said, 'I've never heard of Carter Barr... I've heard of Jimmy Choo but not Carter Barr.'

Men eh ?

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Fern Wimpley said...

I have anxiety attacks over thinking about how I'm going to lug my shoe collection over...