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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Looking for motivation...

I noticed last night that it’s now been a week since my last post – and I had been doing so well… or at least was trying to.

It’s been a hectic time for me at work with moving into the new premises whilst still keeping on top of the actual workload and when I'm at home my time has been filled with important things like relaxing in the sun in the back garden, sorting out my new i-phone, taking our 14 year old snowboarding for his belated birthday gift, some much needed retail therapy (which we haven’t really budgeted for but sometimes a girl just needs this type of therapy, it’s much cheaper than real therapy after all) and of course the all necessary wine imbibing whilst in previously mentioned garden. And last night the beach was calling to us.

Sadly, the gym has been pretty much a no-go for me. I over did it with bodypump and combat classes and last week my knees were in a rage of protest, sending sparks of fire throughout my legs; ibuprofen was my best friend for a few days. Once the pain gave way and I’d had a brief rest, I seemed to have lost interest in going for the rest of the week and my tiredness won the battle against the gym. Tuesday night I forced myself back to bodypump and although my knee was screaming during the lunges, I persevered. I’m going to try and coerce myself back tonight, but as it’s gearing up to be another hot day, the beach just might be on the agenda again (it’s the easiest solution when you have a dog that needs exercising yet its still to warm at 6 pm).

As I mentioned, work has been really busy and when I’m not furiously sorting things out I’m taking a moment to try and sort out what kind of visa my sister needs to apply for to get herself over her for a much deserved break; We have delayed it by months and will continue to do so until mom’s treatment is complete, but Stacy needs to be thinking about it now (not that she hasn’t been thinking of it for months already ;), as there are a number of issues that need attending to. They’ve changed the Working Holiday Visa which figures, however there is another visa that is an option, and will hopefully be what we are looking for.

Everyone seems really excited over the possibility that Stacy will be coming to stay with us for an extended period, however there is no pressure from our end; Stace can come whenever she likes, for however long she likes, and if she decided tomorrow that it wasn't possible, we'd be sad but would understand - such is life when you have made the decision to live away from your family.  The boys do keep asking when she will get here though, its seems hard for them to grasp that Mom’s treatment is taking so long and that of course Stacy wants to be with mom until she’s finished her chemo and radiation. I too am relieved that she is there with our mother helping her through all of this. I won’t lie and say I’m not thrilled that Stacy wants to come over, and I know its not the pull of being with me so much as the fact that it’s a much needed break away from everything that’s been going on during the last year (some of these issues I’ve talked about here, but some I haven’t and will only say that it hasn’t been an easy year for Stacy either and she deserves to get away to a place where she can just chill out, maybe experience the English working life and quite possibly travel a bit). Besides, it’s something she has been planning almost since I moved to England, and why not? How many young university graduates have such an opportunity? How could you not take this opportunity when your sister lives in another country? I won’t be here forever.


Laraf123 said...

The situation with your sister sounds complex but it sounds like you are taking care of family needs while balancing your own. Not easy to do--I give you lots of credit!

But I just have to ask, where do you go snowboarding at the end of June? I read that and could hardly concentrate on the rest of the post, LOL!

Joanne said...

Jody I understand about letting the blog go while you are busy. We have to remember to do what we need to do for ourselves. Sounds like you have busy times ahead.

This is tough times for your mom and sister (did that in 2008 with my mom). Just relax and I look forward to seeing you post when you can.

Jody said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement ladies :)

Lara, there is an indoor ski complex here called X-scape, its about an hour away and although its not mountainous hills, the kids love it and its a good place for people to practice on when they can't get to the mountains and snow i.e up to Scotland or France.