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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sometimes you can try too hard...

A few weeks ago when Jayne, Alex (our other psychologist) and I were moving into our new offices, we had to nip out to the local ASDA to pick up a few supplies as our offices weren't fully equipped with such items as bins and clocks (the rest of the crew aren't coming for a few weeks yet).  Jayne very kindly purchased a clock and bin for all of our offices and a not-inexpensive digital radio for me to keep in my office. (Have a mentioned that I have a great boss?) We all then picked up a few items to personalize our offices.

 I couldn't resist this mug, because its so me:

and I already had Amelia, a gift from mom when I was last home, to help me keep my screen clean:

All three of us bought plants, and both Jayne and I loved the little potted gerbera's;  Jayne picked orange and I of course chose pink.  I joked that mine might not live past two weeks because I don't have what some would call a green thumb. But I did have the best intentions. I really did.
This is how the plants look when we bought them, a mere three weeks ago:

Jayne's plant

This is how mine now looks:

Apparently you can over water a plant.  Oops.  I was so worried that I was letting it get too dry that I've almost drowned the poor thing. 

Ironically enough, yesterday after Jayne showed me what the problem was, she gave me a little gift she had bought at the weekend, something to help me look after my plant she said, although I probably won't need to use it for awhile... and we laughed and laughed.  It doesn't get more ironic then this:

Let's hope its not too late and I haven't killed my flower with too much love.


Laraf123 said...

I completely understand. I have never met an African Violet that I didn't manage to kill in a matter of weeks. I think the floral shops have ideal conditions that we can never attain in the "real world". It's a nice ceramic planter, though :)

Tawny said...

You could get one of those water meters that flash when your plant needs water!!

Jody said...

I never heard of a water meter! LOL but I prob need one!