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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Cabbage Craze

My sister Tawny and I were talking about something the other day, and as a result Cabbage Patch Kids were mentioned. It got me thinking, has there ever been a craze as intense as the quest for every little girl, and sometimes boy, to adopt this much desired, funny looking doll who comes fully equipped with yarn hair, a name and adoption papers? The Cabbage Patch Adoption Agency also gave you the right to change your child's name if it was not acceptable as my sister Sandra did. I know that stores were selling these toys off as fast as they were coming in, sometimes they didn't even make them into the stores, but were sold right off the trucks. The wait for these creatures sometimes took weeks, even months. I can proudly say that I was the 3rd girl in my 5th grade glass to receive one - and it was all down to my Aunt Marg... she was the one who managed to get three, where from, I don't know... but she managed it! I remember the night she came in the house with a huge bag - my sisters and I knew what they were immediately and happily grabbed into the bag and pulled out a box, whatever one we pulled we had to keep. I was pleased to see my little girl - she had red hair in braids and pretty blue eyes - she was wearing a yellow dress. Her name was Rena Evangeline. I still have her. Tawny's doll had red hair in two pig-tails and green eyes, Sandra's was the only brunette, sporting one ponytail. I have to say, all dolls the were pretty nice-looking, but I have to say, I thought mine was the best... LOL, but I think every mother thinks that don't they?

I really don't think anything since, i.e. Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, Game-Boys, etc. has topped the frenzied Cabbage Patch Craze of the 1980's. Gawd.

Marriage Thoughts

Well since the divorce is drawing near, I tend to find myself, strangely enough, thinking about the kind of wedding me and my love will have. Hmmmm... I've always dreamt of getting married on a beach somewhere, however being so far from home, and having so many loved ones supporting me from 4000 miles away, tends to make me think I might just want to get married at HOME.... now don't get me wrong, the thought of actually getting married freaks me out a little... I can't lie. Although I know that Andy is the man for me, and I look forward to us being a married couple some day, I sometimes get a little anxious when I think of the actual service, the actual fact that once you say I DO, its done... no going back. Also, if I do tie the knot at home, it will be fairly big of course as all my family and close friends will be invited. Sadly, not friends of my friends, or neighbor's, etc. but the people who are actually involved in my life. It's just the though of planning something that does my head in. And let me tell you, I can promise you, everything would be done as simple as possible. No big traditional NS wedding for me...

Tuesday Twosome

1. Is your role model someone famous or not? - Who is your role model?I don't really have one role model... I basically tend to admire traits in various people and look up to them for that. Also it depends on the situation. My mother would have to be my role model in regards to mothering skills. She's very sensible and was a wonderful mom to us growing up... she still is.

2. Which is more important to you: Actions or words? Actions... words can be taken back or ignored. The phrase 'actions speak louder than words' does make sense more often than not.

3. Do you forgive easily or hold a grudge? I can forgive someone easily if what they've done is minor, however if someone does me a wrong in a major big way, it would take me a long time to forgive them - and it'd depend on my relationship with that person.

4. What is the last lie you told? The last little lie I told was on the weekend when I told the kids I was 28 - shame on me! The last big lie I told was when I came here and told a certain officer that Andy was free to marry. OOPS.

What is the last lie someone told you? I'm not really sure... I think people tell me little lies all the time, such as I look good when I don't... Wayne tried to tell me a little lie when his twins were born - he tried telling me they were girls.

5. Would you rather be with someone for the wrong reason or alone for the right reason?Alone for the right reason... I've never been afraid of not being in a relationship.

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