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Monday, February 23, 2004

For the Love of....

Our Friday plans to go to Nottingham for dinner with Andy's family (his sister lives there) were cancelled as Andy's father was in hospital this weekend with gallbladder problems (he is now home). Andy and I decided that we would drive the hour to Leeds, a city that happens to have an IKEA, which I was thrilled about as we didn't have one in Nova Scotia and I certainly didn't expect there to be one here! We spent at least an hour browsing the store and choosing a number of items. I was very pleased to see alot of the same items from the Ontario Store, however it was neat to see the UK variations. The prices were similarly costed, however I still think the Canadian stores work out to be a bit cheaper. After we finished shopping, I had the choice of picking what restaurant we were gonna have supper in. These choices were heaven to me after being in the English countryside for over 2 months, as they included a few American restaurants such as TGI Friday's and a popular American Mexican restaurant chain (I can't remember the name, lol) but let me tell you I went with the Mexican place and I was not disappointed. After four margaritas, an appetizer of nachos, main dish of fajitas and dessert of deep fried ice-cream, lets just say I was definitely satisfied.... and for the record, we will be making the trip back to Leeds before too long!

My Get Up and Go, Got Up and WENT

I've just gotten back from the gym and a much over-do, much needed workout. I don't know what's gotten into me this past week, but I've let myself go, eating-wise and gym-wise, however I'm only 2 lbs. the worse for it, and back on track. I will be trying my utmost to remain focused! It's just so damn hard, especially on the weekends!

Did I Hear Someone Say SNOW????

I feel sorry for all you suckers back home in Nova Scotia! Did I miss being home last week??? NOPE.... although I would like to be home to see the mountainous snowbanks and snow covered streets, I am not sorry that I wasn't snow bound at home, or at work for 2-3 days straight! I'm also not sorry I didn't have to break my back shovelling a TON of snow. For those of you that had to do that, I am truly sorry for you, especially if you had to do it alone, I know that isn't fun. I suppose it was alright for those of you who couldn't get into work, or school, but maybe after all the shovelling, you would have preferred it!

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