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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Movie Withdrawal

When I was over at my pal's website, I noticed the 'Which Classic Movie Are You' Quiz and decided to take it too, for a laugh. Ironically, I'd say that the one I ended up with is pretty good. I am easy going and laid back for the most part. However, speaking of movies I find myself patiently awaiting for ones to be released here that have already been released in Canada. For instance, I only got to see Something's Gotta Give on Friday Night, the night of its release in England- February 6th. It's release date in Canada was December 12th. I'm used to seeing movies on a regular basis and believe me, this is not easy. I figure that in about two months time I should be ok, that every movie released over here will be new to me as well. Right now, all that is available are things I've seen back in October/November.

Familiar Faces

I'm beginning to feel more connected with the community I live in. I suppose this is because I'm getting to know some of the locals, or at least the people that work in the shops around me. But its instances like the ones I've experienced this week that really make you feel a part of things. While shopping in town the other day, I actually recognized the guy from the Estate Agents who showed us a house once, and then yesterday while on the bus coming back from the gym, I saw a lady whom I've spoken to once before at the bus stop. Immediately we smiled and said hello and she asked if I was coming from the gym. (The last time I saw her I was on my way there, lol). It's the little things sometimes that make a difference.

However... the past week has been a good one for me, and it's been even better because I've had almost daily contact with my pal Roisin from home (mostly due to the birth of my new cousins, lol). Talking to her as if she was only up the road is really nice. I'm glad that the long distance phone rates have become more reasonable with the passing of time. I remember a time when it was a huge deal to call someone in another province, never mind overseas.

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