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Monday, February 09, 2004


Yesterday my very dear cousin Wayne, and his wife Jen, became the proud parents of two baby boys... Brendan Francis and Lucas Julian, who weighed 4 pounds 11 oz, and 4 pounds 1 oz, respectively. I'm so excited and happy for Wayne and Jen and the family, and only wish that I could be there to hold and cuddle the boys. However for the near future, I will have to be content with pictures! (This is when I wish Wayne and Jen were more internet/digital camera folk). Anyway, babies, mom and dad are all happily content.

I Wish...

I seem to spend a lot of my time wishing for things that I cannot immediately have, or at least will have a while to wait for. Some of the things I wish, or have wished for are reasonable i.e. to be with Andy, for his divorce to hurry up and come through, for my family to remain healthy. Some of the things I've wished for are very unlikely to happen, especially considering I'm not willing to do much to see the wish pass into fruition i.e. to be very rich, or very slim. Although in my defense, I don't think I'm built to be very slim, maybe fit and neat looking, but not a size 6 or anything - I'd have to practically starve myself for that, and quite frankly - I'm not willing to do that - but I would be very happy to be size 9/10, one size down. I remember as I child I used to wish for the really bizarre and unnatural things as I'm sure most children must. I longed to be able to fly - and on really windy days I wished that the wind would be able to give me the extra boost I needed. At other times I yearned to be a mermaid in the sea. Strange maybe, but I thought the serenity of living under the sea would be awesome, not to mention that I would be able to speak to and swim with dolphins. I thought the idea of being a mermaid was very romantic. Maybe it was more the idea of being something unique? Who knows why we had such extraordinary fantasies as children. I also wish that I could spend less time wishing for what I don't have, and be content with what I DO have, lol.

As you are probably wondering why I'm even off on this tangent, its to say that I'm going to try and make a concerted effort to make some of my wishes/dreams come to pass. As soon as I can, I'm going to see about learning to speak another language, preferably Spanish. I have also always wanted to become a writer, and now that I have some extra time on my hands, I might just try and write something, even if it never gets read by anyone other than myself. After that, we'll see about the piano....

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