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Monday, March 29, 2004

Little Girl Lost

On October 20th, Andy, Tawny and I were travelling back from a wonderful day spent at Niagra Falls. We were chatting happily about everything we'd seen including the fact that some guy had jumped over the falls. We didn't realize at the time why he had, we found out later that it was basically just to prove a theory or such. This event had made our trip memorable in itself, however as we were nearing Mississauga, we noticed one of the highway signs alerting the motorists to the fact that a little girl had gone missing. This was the famous 'Amber Alert' something until that point I'd only seen on shows like CSI. We found out later that nine-year old, Celia Zhang's parents had woken up Monday morning to find her missing. It definitely added a sad note to the day and I hoped with all my heart that she would be found.

Well Saturday she was found, but sadly, not alive. She has been laying in the woods behind a church in Miss. all winter. My heart aches for her parents and relatives. It really pains me to know that there is such evil in this world. Who is so sick they can bring themselves to take a child from the safety of her room in the middle of the night and do God knows what to her before killing her and leaving her alone in the woods??? It's hard for me to read the reports in the paper, I can't imagine what it does to the people who know her. I know that the Toronto police are now promising to catch the devil who has done this and I hope with all my heart that they do... maybe this time forensic science will bring some results.

Amber would have turned 10 tomorrow.

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