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Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 13: Favourite Memory

I have more good memories stored up than bad ones. I know this isn’t always the case so trust me, I’m aware that I have been blessed in this life.

Of course I have a whole stash of memories from childhood to choose from, and loads more to choose from in more recent years, which is another blessing, because the first year I moved over here is chock full of unsettling memories that I keep in the ‘archived shelves’ of my brain. Thankfully they are outnumbered by the good times.

Seeing England for the first time is high on my list; as is the year Stacy was visiting us and we went to meet our pup Molly when she was only a few weeks old (I was in disbelief that she was really going to be mine);

Never mind the day we brought her home… I was so over the top in love and how can one forget that feeling?

Of course the day I married Andy surrounded by 76 of our nearest and dearest is pretty high on my list.

And the moment I watched my Mom and Aunt Nita walk through arrivals in the Spring of 2009 was a momentous event and I will never forget the surreal feeling that they were really here with me.

I think my most favourite of memories was made while we were on honeymoon in Kefalonia:

Andy and I had hired a boat for the day and as we motored along the coast, stopping at various beeches, I constantly had my eyes peeled for dolphins, with not much luck. Andy had long since given up and suggested I do the same. It was late afternoon and time to head back for the day. I was at the wheel and of course still looking around. I caught sight of movement out of the corner of my eye and immediately steered left. About 40 feet away was a group of dolphins! As we arrived at the location where I thought I’d seen them and stopped the engine I was in absolute disbelief to see about six dolphins swimming around us. I had been worried that they would just continue on to wherever it was they had been going but, no they stayed for about 15 minutes and frolicked around us, giving us our own private show.
This is the only half decent photo we managed to get (since we didn't have the good camera at that time)

It was absolutely amazing and I will not ever forget the feeling I had that day. I think it meant even more because we were out there all on our own with these beautiful mammals.

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