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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 21: Favourite Movie Quote

I don't particularly have any stand out quotes that I remember from certain movies.  Of course there are a few quotes that I immediately recognize upon hearing like 'I'll Be Back' and 'I See You'. 

However one quote that I do love comes from one of my favourite movies: 'I have a degree in ass wiggling mate'.  The film is The Full Monty. 

Thinking about this quote made me remember a funny story, one that I will share with you.  I apologise to those of you who've heard it before or might not find it as amusing as I do.

One of the pictures I’ve posted below is from my cousin Nancy’s wedding. I was 18 and I loved a good time, perhaps too much, but that is another story. I really enjoyed myself at Nancy’s wedding and can remember dancing the night away with my cousins and sisters. I remember going home that night with my cousins Wayne and Glen (who came down from St. John’s for the event) and how we stopped and got Chinese, eating it ravenously in Wayne’s truck, like we hadn’t just had a big dinner earlier that night.

I don’t often get to see my cousin’s who live in St. John’s and weddings have always been a great way to see the newfie contingent. They might not all come to the same weddings, but you can guarantee my Aunt Nita will be at every wedding and at least one or two of her children.

The first summer that I went home after being in the UK found me down at my cousin Sharon’s. She had called me to say that her sister Nancy and Nancy’s husband Wayne (not the one I drove home from the wedding with) decided to watch their wedding video as it was their anniversary and they all thought I should come over as they had something to show me that I might find amusing. They skipped over much of the wedding itself to the reception. We did of course stop and watch a few moments of my Nan talking to the cameraman and whoever was behind the scenes. It brought tears to my eyes to see my Nan alive and talking and we all had a few moments of reminiscing over our Nan.

They moved on to the video of the party. This is where I'm not sure if my reaction was more shocked, pleased or mortified;  the guy they hired to video their wedding reception spent more time videoing my wriggling arse as I danced, than anything else. And from the look of me I didn't seem bashful about this at all, seemingly trying to feign ignorance of the man behind me with a video camera when it was blatantly apparent I knew exactly what he was doing.  Thankfully Nancy and her husband have a sense of humour and could see the amusing side of it. Although I’m sure it’s not what they had in mind when they hired a videographer to film the most momentous day of their lives…

I was also amused to see my youngest sister cropping up all over the video, her 8 year old self trying to grab the camera’s attention wherever she could. It wasn’t a surprise that she was with my cousin Nancy (not the bride; obviously some members of our family have trouble choosing unique names) who has never been introverted, however I had always remembered Stacy being shy. This particular video sure put that myth to bed… (Seems it was a glimpse into the confident young woman she has grown into… not shy, just quiet, that is until you know her.)

Tawny posted a picture of herself with Nanny from that long ago wedding on her 30 Day Challenge; it seems like most of us have good memories from that particular wedding. But then again I have to honestly say I’ve enjoyed most of the family weddings I’ve been to. I love being surrounded by my big extended and sometimes completely nutty, family.


Tawny said...

I kept looking for a movie quote as I read this post ;).

Tawny said...

Oh boy, I spaced out totally in the first two paragraphs! My bad! :)

(beach brain!)

Jody said...

No u didn't...lol. When I first published it I failed to copy in the first two paragraphs! Glad your having a great vacation xx

Tawny said...

I really thought I was going crazy when Stacy read it and said you'd referenced a movie!!

Glad to know that I'm not THAT out if it :).