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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 24: Something Embarrassing in Your Room

Well.  First of all let me apologize for being so absolutely rubbish at this challenge.  It was supposed to be done in 30 days, give or take 2 or 3 yet here I am well over month since day one and I still haven't finished. Do you care?  Perhaps not. Perhaps you find this boring and wish I would get back to the regularly scheduled program that is my life. But then again, I don't think all six of my readers find my life any more captivating than the truths that are being revealed on this challenge.  But who knows?  I don't.  The only certainties I have in my life is that I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine tonight and that my dog adores me.  Somebody has to ;)

So.... back to something emarrassing in my room:

I have a bedside table in my room that looks pretty crappy due to the fact I put a glass of water on it every night without a coaster.  Because of this bad behaviour the paint has chipped off the inexpensive wood and it thoroughly needs a paint job;  Or throwing in the bin.  I try to cover it up with books whenever I know a visitor will be in my room... but since the only visitors to my room are usually friends or sisters who come up to try on clothes or practice hair-styles I try not to let it bother me too much.  Besides they too are usually so full of wine that they wouldn't notice anyway.  The only othe person who ventures into my room is my sister-in-law when she wants to give me the baby, or have a shower in our ensuite, and frankly she is so tired I don't think she'd notice if there was a hairy gorilla stood in the corner.

Now my husband thinks I was going to blog about the suitcase full of 'toys' under my bed, but sorry I'm a 38 year old married woman who likes her playthings.  I think the only one who'd need to be embarrassed about finding them is the one who is snooping where they shouldn't be.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I love you Jody. You helped me write my post about this. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this, really made me laugh out loud! I'm enjoying the challenge!

Laraf123 said...

Absolutely loved that last sentence--so true!