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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 15: Current Job (this was originally 'grades' however I'm not in school)

When I left Nova Scotia to move to England I not only had to leave behind loads of family and friends but also a workplace that I really enjoyed. Did I get paid a lot of money? Not overly. Was the job dynamic? Not really (there was too much minute taking involved for my liking). Did I work with a great bunch of people? You bet I did. As well, I had an awesome boss who taught me a lot, one who showed understanding and whom I could also share a laugh with; but most importantly she was someone who became my friend and still is.

I believed that I would never be able to score myself such a job again. I was wrong. I know... you are all probably gasping for your breath because I seldom admit that I’m wrong. It's something I rarely have to admit to because I usually never am. (Husband, you can stop shaking your head, the £100 you had to pay up last week is proof of this).

I’ve held a couple of positions since moving here, one in particular that I thought was gold, however it turned out to be a disappointing lump of coal. I can only sum it up as easy money and take away what I learned, which wasn’t much other than how to comfort distressed colleagues and dodge office politics.

In July of 2009 I started my first full time job since leaving Nova Scotia with the local psychology service for adults with a learning disability. After I initially got my head around working all day Monday-Friday it soon became obvious that the small team of seven that I am the administrator for is an amazing group of people and the service we provide locally is second to none. I’m honoured to be part of such a well-respected team who offer such a valuable service to the community. I have developed friendships that I think will last a lifetime and have managed to find another boss who is kind, understanding and thinks I’m a star. How I’ve managed to delude this very intelligent woman (and the rest of the team) is beyond me but I’m not looking my gift horse in the mouth. No way.

I honestly enjoy my work. Yes, it’s a lot of admin, but after 15 years, I am kind of a rock star in that department (most days anyway). I love the clients we work with, I’m up to the challenges I’m faced with, I respect and admire the team and best of all, really feel like I belong.

So much so, that I have a really hard time when I think of leaving my position even if it means going back to Canada some day. I’m tired of starting new jobs, and let’s face it, I'm not someone who is constantly striving to move up a level. Management and all its accompanying stress doesn’t appeal to me. I like being able to go home at quitting time and leave my work at work (most days anyway ;)

I have to admit that short of moving back to Canada (which isn’t on the books for awhile yet) I will hopefully have no reason to leave.

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