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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 18: Favourite Board Game

I come from a family that grew up playing games.  Many a Saturday night found us playing the Game of Life, and because I have such fond memories of this evening when we all gathered to laugh and spin the wheel of life, I had to purchase my own edition when I moved to England. 
However my all time favourite board game is:

It's probably for sentimental reasons that this is my favourite game, as it makes me think of my sisters. When we play together we are unbeatable.  My husband shakes his head in amazement at just how good we are, especially when we are on the same team. My sister's husband says doesn't like playing it with us because we play it wrong, but we don't.  We are not cheaters at board games (unlike my husband's family who also love board games :) It is because we know each other so well we can make each other guess the answer much easier than people who don't know each other so well. 
Top 2 on my list of favourite board games:

The little characters are almost as fun as the game...

Andy's family love to play games too which makes get together's at ours even more enjoyable.

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Valentina said...

Taboo is one of my favourites too! :)