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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Although he could give me more backrubs...

There have been a lot of conversations recently amongst my friends and colleagues regarding the amount of work they have to do around the house. Alone, without help from their husbands despite the fact that both work full time.  Some have said their husbands might hoover up or perhaps help clean up after dinner, if asked (this isn't counting those that have children to take care of).

Me?  I basically only have to cook and tidy up after each meal;  unless of course we are having a dinner party and then my husband has it covered.  He often leaves me to sit and drink wine with our company while he does the clean up.  (I cannot stand leaving it till the morning, yet if I do leave it and Andy makes it downstairs before me it's not often I come down to a still messy kitchen... I think this has happened only once or twice since we moved in to our current house and started entertaining.)

Now don't think I'm a layabout, because although I could have a degree in taking it easy, I do my share, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  And since we got the Dyson Hoover I vacuum a lot more so I'd say it's pretty even between us on this front.  Laundry?  Well Andy has me beat on this one; he does WAY more than me.  And he dusts.  I might dust once for ever three times he has a turn.  If I have to stay on top of the bathrooms I really don't think I have much to complain about.  I do wipe down the skirting boards and doors quite frequently though - I have no idea how these still get so dirty when it's just two of us and Molly residing in the house most of the time.  Yet, this is something I've seen him do as well.  I know, right? He also also works a full time job, an excuse that many husbands use (despite their partners working full time as well). 

Andy does his own ironing, and sometimes mine. He does all the outside yard work, including watering plants etc. Oh, and I haven't cleaned a car since 2003.

The only thing I really ever have to 'get after' him for is keeping the spare room tidy (this is where he keeps his clothes), however since he's moved a few things around at my request, the spare guest room is now wardrobe free and I don't think we will have an issue anymore. 

Oh and the kids?  Well he's a pretty stellar dad as well; I think I love him best of all for the relationship he has always encouraged between me and his kids; there has never been an issue of my 'not being their mother'; we are a family unit when we are together and I have never been made to feel an outsider by him or his boys (and now, his daughter can happily be included in this ratio :)

(I can't believe how much they have grown - this was taken in 2005)

My mother has often told me how amazing she thinks my man is, for all that he does.   I can't disagree, not one iota. 

And I won't be trading him in. 


Laraf123 said...

He's a keeper! (Nice to know there's at least one out there--even if he is taken :)

Fern Wimpley said...

You did luck out, sister! That's for sure!