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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Right Price

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks.  Finally, after getting some antibiotics I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again and will be getting myself back to the gym this weekend.  However just as I'm getting myself sorted, Andy has caught a raging cold.  He doesn't even have the luxury of being home and now has to travel 4+ hours back from Reading today. 

Another annoying occurrence is that there is talk of a strike here in relation to fuel and at the moment people are panic-buying (not me); as a result a few of the petrol stations have jacked up the price.  The station I pass every morning was advertising regular unleaded at £1.42.  Is that steep enough for you?  Because I bet by tomorrow it will have gone up by another pence or two, just in case there are those of you who don't think it's pricey enough.

As you know we are going back to Nova Scotia this summer and bringing three of our closest friends with us. We had sussed out plane tickets and were planning on purchasing them this weekend.  Then prices went through the roof and my heart was momentarily skipping beats (even though I knew deep down that prices often fluctuate and would likely come down again).  Which they have - phew. 

The price of flights was causing me a bit more concern though, particularly this week because I've been enjoying making plans with my sister Tawny to spend a few nights away at a beach house while we are all together in Nova Scotia yet the worry of getting the flights sorted was always at the back of my mind. We looked at various types of gorgeous beach property, but what we (she) found seems absolutely perfect... a six bedroom house in Lunenburg overlooking the bay, at a very fair price. 
It's actually fantastic and we are all super excited about it.  I don't need to say anymore about it, as my sister covered my feelings exactly when she wrote about it here.  (I know that at least two out of three of you who pop in here, also read her blog too). Because we haven't booked yet due to fluctuating prices, the owner has agreed to hold it until we have our tickets (which will hopefully be this weekend).

Andy and I have been doing a bit of 'spring cleaning', getting the house painted and sorted (we did the bathrooms a few weeks ago).  On Wednesday we had someone in to paint the hall stairs, landing and kitchen and just seeing how 'fresh' it all looks when I walk in makes me smile.  It's funny what a coat of paint can do.  Now we just need to get the flooring in the kitchen sorted out.  We do have a few more rooms to paint but we can take our time and do it one room at a time over the next few months.

The sun has been shining here all week and with the daffodils and pink blossoms on the trees out in full bloom, I can't help but feel bright and optimistic.  If the fuel does get rationed I won't mind hopping on a bike to come to work every day (it's something I'm thinking of doing anyway, once I actually get a bike that is.)


Fern Wimpley said...

Get those tickets bought! I can't wait to see everyone!

Laraf123 said...

Your summer plans sound like so much fun--it will be well worth whatever price you end up paying for flights. (But, ouch!, rising prices are getting ridiculous.)

Gasoline here is $4.59 per gallon. Not sure how that converts and compares with the UK but last year at this time it was around $3.29!

Love the photo of pink blossoms! Enjoy!

Jody said...

Lara, it would cost u just over $7.00 gallon if u had to pay the same rates!!

And we got out tickets at a semi-reasonable price :) xxx