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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Red-Nosed Blogger

I don’t know if I picked it up in London travelling on the underground, or if was passed to me from one of the numerous people in my life who have been ill, but yesterday I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a mac truck. I figured it was coming my way as I had a tickle in my throat all Wednesday and throughout most of the night. Still, I persevered and went to work both Thursday and today. My manager is sick with the same illness, although he must have the more severe version (Man Flu) as he never made it in to the office (he admitted to having the man-flu strain this morning when he realised that I was at work and he wasn’t).

Andy suggested that I stay home this morning but I honestly feel better today than I did yesterday (many people kept asking me if I was ok and Andy bluntly told me I looked like sh*t last evening), however with the help of throat lozenges, Lucozade and Ibuprofen, I’m holding my own. I’m not even whinging about it, other than to comment that my nose is getting sore from the constant sneezing, sniffling and nose blowing; something my colleagues unfortunately have to contend with.

I’m hoping to feel much better by tomorrow as I want to do some baking – Guinness Cupcakes in honour of St Paddy’s Day and home-made bread, something I’ve never tackled before.

Alex and Bonnie came over on Wednesday night and I encouraged them to not give me a hug as they left, as the last thing Bonnie needs at this stage is a rotten cold; they asked if I would be cooking on Sunday (the shame of it! It’s Mother’s Day); although truth be told I’d love to cook a meal and have the kids around so fingers crossed I perk up. I mentioned to the both of them that I’m looking forward to a pleasant day this year (*cough *cough). How things have changed for the better for the two of them and I’m hopeful that they stay settled and happy when they become a family of three.

We only have a month to go before Andy becomes Grandy and I become… well I’m not quite sure what I’m to be called; but a Nana all the same. Bonnie is doing well considering it’s not been the easiest or most straight forward of pregnancies but she is near the end now. And apparently the baby is going to be large. They popped in on Sunday (what a glorious day it was) after attending a christening and looked so sweet in their ‘Sunday Best’ I couldn’t help but snap a photo:

All dressed up for a christening.

Before I sign off, I’m wishing you all a cheerful St Paddy’s Day and hope you have your fair share of Irish drinks; to those of you in the UK who are mother’s I hope you have a lovely day filled with laughter and joy and maybe more than one glass of wine.

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Laraf123 said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. I've never heard of Guiness cupcakes but they must be good!

The parents-to-be sure do look great. Best wishes to all of you!