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Friday, March 02, 2012

That top on your convertible? 'Raise it Up'

The days are finally getting longer and lately the sun has been shining a fair bit; throw in temperatures that reach the mid-teens and you have a much more chilled me.  I love being able to take Molly out for a long walk after work and on days like yesterday I can even manage to coerce myself into jogging and actually enjoy it.  I find I'm more motivated when the days are longer and the days brighter.  I'm not the only one who shares this sentiment, I know.  But the over zealousness of some people for the fine weather? Those who start wearing shorts or worse, no shirts when walking down the street in 10 degree weather.  Get a grip people, just because you dress like it's summer and will it with all your heart, it's still a few months away. 

This morning driving to work it was 4 degrees and although it is bound to get warmer as the day goes on, it's not warm enough to have your roof down in your convertible like the woman I drove past this morning.  Really?  What are these people trying to prove?  Yet maybe I'm being too judgemental.  Perhaps she originally comes from Siberia and thinks that 4 degrees is a comfortable temperature to have your hair blowing in the breeze while driving to work on a sunny Friday morning.  One never knows the logic of another person.

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend;  especially because next weekend is not going go be a quiet one.  Not when this is on the agenda:

I mentioned to Andy earlier this week that he doesn't appear to be as 'excited' as I am. His answer was 'when do I ever really show my excitement?', to which I listed off a number of past events that he has previously shown eagerness for.  His reply to this was 'Well I guess she's just not really my cup tea'.  Ummmmm.... I didn't really have an answer for this other than 'drink up' because he is the person that turned me on to Florence in the first place.  I must have just imagined that he looked a tiny bit envious when I mentioned that Jayne had two tickets and offered me one.  Then her partner managed to score an extra two, so it's now a party of four :) I have not attended very many concerts in my life.  I can probably count them on one hand (with the exception of outdoor venues).  This is big for me.  I cannot wait; Especially since it's on my mom's birthday and You've Got The Love turned out to be a theme song of sorts when she was undergoing her surgery and treatment in 2010. How will I not be able to think about my mom and sisters when I hear that song, as well as The Dog Days are Over. (I know she has a new album but these songs are just so meaningful.)

I don't think the weekend in London is gearing up to be an inexpensive one (when is it ever?) but since we are saving money on our digs, I don't mind so much because this is going to be an experience.  My husband can call it my late birthday present if he will, and we can wait to make a few more changes in the house, or put off buying our tickets back home (not really).   This is Florence and the Machine, at Alexandra Palace in London people.  Call me lame, but I'm a small town Nova Scotian girl.  This is big for me; and no matter what he thinks, I'm so thrilled my husband and I are going to have another short break away in LondonTown again and that he will be there with me, if only to poke fun of my joy or stand still beside me as I shake my arse to the sound that is Florence and the Machine. 

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Fern Wimpley said...

I love Florenace and the Machine and am so jealous of your weekend away! Have lots of fun, sister! xo