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Sunday, March 07, 2004

How Can You Feel Both Happy & Sad At The Same Time?

Well today I have found out that both Sandra and Stacy will be able to attend Tawny's wedding in Vegas. This makes me very happy, but at the same time it also makes me sad. Andy and I really wanted to go, however with our own situation here in England it just didn't seem to be possible, so we reached an agreement that we would pay for Sandra's ticket to Vegas as a wedding gift in order for her to have one sibling present. As a result Brad (Sandra's BF) decided he would go too, which is doubly nice. Now Stacy has decided that she too can manage the airfare and cost and will be attending the wedding as well. Tawny will now have family at her wedding which is what really counts. Of course me being me, I have to go and feel down that all three of my sisters will be in Vegas for this celebration and I will be stuck here in England. I feel bad for even thinking like this - I should just be thrilled for Tawny, and not sad. However she is my little sister and if it wasn't because of this situation I am in, I would be there, not just for her, but for me too. But then this makes me feel guilty, as I'm here in England for me, as well as Andy. I just wish the timing wasn't so bad. Well what can a girl do? In this life you have to sacrifice one thing for another... give and take - that's the way life goes. But that doesn't make is SUCK (as Stacy would say) any less.

Bottom Line... I'm happy for my sister and her husband to be... they will have a lovely wedding - and I hope that we will all have the chance to be together when I get married. Enough said.

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