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Friday, March 05, 2004

It's Finally Over

As most of you know by now, Andy is now a divorced man - completely free of his EX. It's about time too. We are free now to truly begin our life together and to begin making plans, which I am actually looking forward to. It does seem very likely that we will be coming home in October to have a very informal wedding with our family and friends. Andy's parents and siblings have said to count them in, which is great of course. So, stay tuned for further news.

At this time, I want to note, especially to past brides or upcoming brides, that at no time are my comments about weddings meant as a slight to them personally. We all know how I feel about big weddings, how I call it 'Pomp and Circumstance, but I do know that every bride/groom is entitled to 'their day' and the wedding they want, including me... and we all know I'm more into the party side of things...lol.

About Last Night...

So, last night Andy and I grabbed a cab and went in town to meet up with his work buddies at a bar called Chicagos. The prices of drinks here are much cheaper than at home and at one point we were getting two coolers or beers for £2.50. That's the equivalent to five-six bucks. Hell one cooler at home in a bar is $5.50. Needless to say, we both became happily intoxicated. We had a great time - his friends are nice fellows and seemed fine with having me out - I was the only female in the group (I'm never one to complain about that, lol). I was told numerous times that Andy was a lucky man and that I'm very 'lovely'. I have to say that Andy IS lucky , but then again, so am I.


What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
Mrs. Pardington - I loved her and was lucky enough to have her again in 3rd grade.

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? I'd have to say The Smurfs, it'd really depend on how far back I go. I think the cartoons were way better when I was young - especially Saturday mornings.

3. ...the name of your very first best friend? Tawny of course...

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal? Pac Man

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school? Go out and play Star Wars with Tim and the boys (I was always Princess Leah), or play barbies with my sisters.

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