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Monday, March 01, 2004

Oh My Aching Tooth

For the past few months I have had a toothache. I'm not one to complain or be wimpy while in pain, and since January, I've been doing ok, but the past 3/4 days have been awful. I fear I may need a Root Canal, as the tooth is sensitive to everything. At this point, the ache has gone from bearable to horrible (at least at night). I never thought I'd miss my own dentist, but I do. The thought of going to the dentist in England is a bit perturbing.

So this Weekend....

We began the weekend by taking the kids to supper at a place called the Trading Post, where surprisingly I was able to order a bacon and chicken (green - not creamy) salad. (Healthy salads are a rarity over here in pubs/restaurants). Saturday we ended up taking the kids to Hull to see Cheaper By The Dozen, which we all enjoyed. I had a lot of laughs as it was a light-hearted, if unrealistic, comedy. I was even more pleased when earlier at the pizza restaurant, I was able to order a BBQ chicken and mushroom pizza! (Also another rarity in England.)


Sunday morning the boys came in to tell us that there was a dent in the car. Turns out there was not only a dent in the car door, but three in the roof and many more scratches. There is a bunch of old furniture laying around outside that someone left for garbage removal and it would seem as if someone had fun throwing it over the car. My first instinct was the same as Andy's - that the fellow next door might have done this. However I've been thinking A) why now? It's been over three weeks since he and Andy had their argument, B) There are lots of hooligans that come around the back of our complex drinking and such, and C) We have no proof whatsoever of neighbour boy doing this. Andy went and filed a report with the police for insurance purposes and I told him that I hoped he didn't accuse neighbour boy, not without proof. I do see his point that neighbour-boy might have waited to now to 'get back' at Andy, as A) Opportunity presented itself, what with the furniture laying right in front of the car, B) His friends were over and C) Apparently he's moving out soon. However I don't think I'm naive to warn Andy to just let it go. Plans to approach this fellow and accuse him of this vandalism will only lead to more trouble, especially if neighbour boy didn't do it. And really, what will having a go at him really do? And I don't go in for retribution unless its absolutely necessary and there is PROOF behind it. What is it with males and their incredible need to show their machismo.... being a HOT HEAD just leads to no good.

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