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Sunday, March 21, 2004

I Lost My Nerve

I haven't been around much as life has gotten the best of me the past few days. On Tuesday evening my toothache finally surpassed any natural pain and moved into a monstrosity of its own. I spent a very sleepless night battling this demon from hell. Poor Andy didn't get much sleep either as he was up trying to sooth me and give me pain killers. None of which worked, I must say. I was taking painkillers that normally knock Andy straight out, but alas NOTHING was working for me, never mind knocking me out, which would have been sweet relief. On Wednesday morning we managed to get me an appointment with an emergency dentist's office (the only one that would see me) and off I went with my frozen sausage ice pack for my 2:15 appointment. The Dentist, a kindly man in his fifties informed me that I had an abscessed tooth and would need a root canal, or to have it pulled, however I first had to go on antibiotics to get the abscess under control, and to call and book another appointment. He hugged me on my way out (God luv him) and told me that I would be feeling much better by the same time the next day. Of course I had to spend another night in hell before the pain finally subsided on Thursday - at which time I spent the day sleeping off and on. On Friday morning I visited the clinic again where thankfully another dentist removed the much hated 'nerve' - I go back in two weeks to have the finishing touches.

Well We're In

After knowing Andy had packed a lot of our things during my visit from the ToothMonster, I was very pleased to be able to help get us into the new house on Friday afternoon. Andy's mom Wendy and I actually spent an hour putting together the new futon we purchased, something the men were very impressed about for some strange reason! Anyway, I love my new house, its small, but cozy and Andy and I have been happily puttering about unpacking and re-organizing everything. I've been making daily trips back over to the flat (its across the street, lol) to bring over a few odds and ends we left behind. This week I'll be giving the flat a thorough cleaning out before we turn in the keys on Saturday.

Last night Andy set up the bunk beds in the spare room for the boys. It looks great and I think they will be happy. It took me back to a place when I used to share a bunk bed with Tawn. I also found myself thinking about the days when I used to lay in my top bunk staring out the window at all the kids playing, while we were stuck inside - in bed, at about 7:30 at night! (Dawn, you were probably one of em....)

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