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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Memorable Quote: "I can't wait till you marry my dad..." - Connor to me.

Well Spring Has Sprung - In England Anyway!

Ok... its 6:34 here in England on a Sunday evening - the sun is still shining and its about 10 degrees. The sky will remain light tonight until about 7:30 or so as our clocks sprang ahead by an hour today. Losing the hour tends to be a little off-balancing for some, however the rewards are so worth it. This time of year brings on a feeling of renewal in most people I think and I'm happy that I'm getting it a week earlier than normal. The spring-like weather really helps too, and luckily enough I don't have to be worried about getting blasted with another bout of snow like I would if I was at home. Spring is really here. Andy and the boys were mowing the lawn today, something that doesn't happen in NS till late May or so. Only problem is, now I'm FIVE hours ahead of home - but hey, its only for a week.

Two Out of Three

This weekend we only had the boys as Andy's daughter is still being 'difficult' and trying to prove a point with her dad. Although we missed her, and the situation has to be amended, we still went forward and had a good weekend with the boys. They were thrilled to get down here on Friday night and were excited to sleep in their bunkbeds. Connor kept saying he was tired and 'off to bed' all Friday night... it was funny really. I'm really pleased with the way the boys and I are getting along and I think we are growing more fond of each other with each visit. Conner is the most adorable and loving seven year old and is always looking for hugs and cuddles. He is so happy to just spend time with his dad and has readily accepted me into his life. He continuously calls us a family, which is lovely. Alex was very content this weekend, partly I'm sure because of the new house, partly because his sister wasn't around to compete with. Alex and I normally get on really well and this weekend was the best so far. The boys were helpful and good, even while we were shopping for a table yesterday at IKEA, in Leeds. On the drive back home I turned around in the car to see Connor asleep and Alex happily listening to his discman... holding his little brother's hand. It was really, really nice. It was sad to not have Tasha with us, and I hope that soon Andy and his Ex can sort something out in regard to her, as its not just us having problems with her, as apparently her mother is having a difficult time with her. (I'm relieved to say at this point that she's never stepped out of line with me at all). God I'd never, ever want to be 13 again. Anyway, I'm looking forward to things becoming happier and more relaxed with each passing week, especially now that spring is here and we are in a new house.

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